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Hello friends. I've another Twitter account to run alongside my current one. The idea behind it is to share tips and hints and ask me and others questions. So if you want advice I will try and answer and also tweet the question so others can help. I will also tweet my own tips and you can tweet me yours and I shall retweet them for others to see. This is mainly aimed at new drivers and experienced drivers that want to help. Basically I want it to be a hub of help and advice for us all. So any transport related questions there's the place for it. Any other stuff my current Twitter account, which I shall still be using as I do now. What do you think of this idea? I want it to be an alternative to the forums where people often get shot down for asking questions. I want it to be friendly and helpful, so head to http://www.twitter/LukesTopTips Thanking you Luke


Good eventide peoples. I promised a new cooking video and here I am delivering. BOOM. I've never cooked a curry before so I thought why not make the first time I cook a curry into a video, in a lorry. I don't like things to be too easy. Although as it happens it was really easy. ONWARD


Hello chums and errrr, chums. Hope today finds you well. I'm in bed having a lie in and thought I'd post an update. Sorry content is a bit thin on the ground of late but that is about to change. I shall be making another Top Tips video in the coming week or so. Due to popular demand this will be picking up and dropping trailers. Apparently I've been told videos showing this on European trucks are hard to find so I shall set to work on that once Holly has had a wash! Talking of videos I've been doing a lot of UK work of late hence the lack of travel videos. I think the European work is picking up a little so hopefully we can get back to it. And next month there will be an exciting series of videos for you but that's all I'm saying for now, I'm planning them as we speak. So anyhow have a lovely weekend one and all and I suppose I should get up and cook my breakfast now. Finally the picture is Holly parked next to the truck of my good friend from my HSF days


Here's another Where Am I for you to peruse. Was a lovely evening. Thanking you Luke Vernon