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Blwyddyn Newydd Dda / Happy New Year

Hullo friends, you might be glad to hear that I’ve been filming and now making a video! #CabCooking; The Return! Be out this weekend. Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year. Let’s hope 2022 is better for all of us. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda. And thanks so much for donations and purchases. No news on licence but everything is heading in the right direction and I have a van driving job interview on Wednesday.  #ONWARD! Store .

Words Of Wisdom From My Comedy Idol Billy Connolly

Was tweeting about this last night and thought it would make a good post as it explains how I go about making my videos and podcasts- Oh Billy Connolly ❤️ An idol of mine. This is exactly how I do what I do. Not for a second claiming to be even 1% as clever or funny as Billy but all my videos & my podcasts are like this. Press record & see what happens. Nothing is ever planned. And like he said it is wildly exciting! I’m of average intelligence. Not particularly clever but one thing I do have is a relentlessly fast brain that NEVER stops thinking, at a million miles an hour. From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep I’m thinking a million things at once. Possibly ADHD related. Can cause it’s own problems. It can be as exhausting as it sounds and I literally have no idea how to switch off. But I think the good outweighs the bad. So yeah I just turn the camera on, the voice recorder, or fire up the laptop to write an article and it all just flows, normally first take/

Exciting New App


Sir Bertie’s Christmas Address To The Nation  

Thank A Trucker!

  Thank a trucker because without them you’d be sitting down to fresh air for Christmas dinner. Well, standing as you wouldn’t have a chair. And you’d be outside. In a field. Naked.  

Happy F**king Christmas!

Thanks for all the amazing and unending support everyone has given me over this year and last. Means the world to me, also to my parents who see it all and hopefully get to think maybe they didn’t bring up a total moron with a deathwish, that I have some redeeming features ๐Ÿ˜‚ I live in hope! Not from Bertie tho, he thinks you’re all t*ats. Hopefully a Christmas message from him tomorrow, if I can prize the Aldi gin away. From donations, to merchandise sales, to messages, comments, emails and likes they all mean the world. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone whatever you’re doing  (I’ve actually worked more than I’ve been off in past and my own Dad is working tomorrow. So spare a thought for all the people behind scenes who make Christmas happen and make it possible for you to buy a pint of milk, a duvet or some pain relief boxing day. Transport never sleeps  ). #ONWARD! to 2022

Merry Christmas & Safe Trouble Free Travels

  #ThrowbackThursday to one from a few years past battling home for Christmas. If you are doing same I wish you a safe & trouble free journey. #ONWARD! Shop- #ClubPorkChop - Donations -   Abuse/Advice -  

BUY ALL THE THINGS! Review; Truckers Tea Box

  Hullo friends. I was asked recently if I fancied reviewing the Truckers Tea Box™️ & being a life long tea addict I said yes. So here is the review. Not been paid for this simply sent one to try. It’s also made me consider doing some more #CabCooking now I have a vehicle. So planning to do a video over next week where I sort of make a Sunday ‘roast’ using just a pan and a saucepan on just one job. Any other cooking ideas you’d like to see me do comment below! Bon soir. Buy here (alas not on Amazon will after the festivities)- As ever thank you for donations and shop custom, means the word-  

A Moron In A Motorcar; Life Update

  Hullo all, hope everyone’s weekend was an enjoyable one. Mine certainly was as I finally got mobile thanks to a great deal of kindness. X All I need to do now is sell a kidney to pay for fuel. Come join #ClubPorkChop-   Buy stickers-   Or keep Bertie stocked in chops-  


  Hullo friends. Just a little promotion of my new merchandise shop. Any questions about any of it feel free to email me.  WWW.LORRY-DRIVER.COM SHOP MY OTHER PLACES