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Hello friends. I need to get a little rant of my chest..... I recently had two weeks off, it was lovely. On my return I went straight out with a load for Budapest. Ballina in the West of Ireland is a long way so had four days to do it. Lovely run. I delivered 2am Saturday, reloaded midnight Sunday at same place and headed back. Because of the loading time I got to run back overnight. I tweeted how this was a great way to run through Europe and that I could get 50 to 100km more done on a nightshift. I got some tweets about the UK being a nightmare at night so I smiled to myself and replied that that is very true. I flew back, lovely quiet motorways, flying along. Well, until I hit England. Coming round M25 and up M1 I see signs warning of problems on the M4 (almost nobody heading north on M1 is likely to have the M4 on their agenda). I stopped in Coventry for a spot of shopping and off I went. I was gonna go up M6 Toll but matrix signs said shut so carried on. Just before the M6 junctio


How do friends. Just a note to let you know I'm at the Commercial Vehicle Show tomorrow. So if you see me wandering about feel free to come say hello. ONWARD>>>> Luke Vernon


Hello chums. A chap called Paul Rooney made me this rather marvellous mirror recently. It's very nicely done. Should you want one made for yourself you can get hold of him via 0851784050 Happy Easter everyone.