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Thanking you

Good morrow people's. My daft little site seems to get busier and busier as the months roll by and it's fantastic to see. Not to mention unexpected. So I'd just like to say thank you to all of you that visit and watch my various videos or read my inane ramblings. It's looking like I'll hit 10,000 hits for August, the highest month so far. That's nuts! Also I'm going to ask if I can do a Denmark & Sweden run soon so I can make another video diary. In the mean time here's a pic of two new and rather fine looking Magnums. I'd never even sat in one before and when it came to getting out I nearly fell out. They are strange trucks layout wise even after all these years. They've a very busy life ahead with two Irish chaps that do a lot of Italy. ONWARD!

Cooking and traveling .

This new video involves a spot of traveling, shopping and finally cooking. I do hope you enjoy it. Apologies for the white balance problem in the middle and the darkness at the end, but i do hope my minor cock ups don't harm your enjoyment of thi latest daft video. Oh and feel free to leave comments below. It's easy to do and you don't need to sign into anything. I like people commenting on here as I can delete the trolls!!

Woop woop an update

Howdy doodle chaps and chapesses. Here we have a little update like I promised. A fairly unusual week for me, it started by delivering concrete panels on a euroliner. To a building site. Not that enjoyable! Theres a pic further down. Then over to the homeland, well for the truck, Ireland. Loaded a few transformers. Here's some pics - As you can see it was a rare occasion where my truck and her sister were together! Then the day after I had a flat! Shock horror! Delivering steel to the Northern Ireland. On the plus side it was a good looking flat! And heres a couple of more pics I like and hope you do too Oh and for all the Mini haters on Trucknet I've got the weekend off to pick up this All I'll say on the subject is that all you chaps that think they are nothing but a fashion statement have obviously never driven one. When you have come back to me and tell me a Cooper S is all style and no substance. You won't be able to. Anyhow I hope you enjoyed this update. As you&#