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Sorry for the extreme delay folks, better late than never tho....


Hello chums. I was approached recently and asked if I'd be interested in hosting an occasional legal advice column. So since it could be useful to us all I said yes. This is the first one, so feedback would be most welcome. Also any questions you may have for future columns. So, here goes, LAW....ACTIVATE.... Operation Stack question As you may have seen in the news Operation Stack has been in force this week in Kent, where truck drivers are forced to park up on the motorway to await their crossing across the channel. The problem is you end up moving forward bit by bit so never get a proper daily rest in. So for instance Wednesday I ended up working 21 hours as I spent 16 hours getting across the channel. So the question could be what is the right procedure for a driver in such circumstances, what can they do to help themselves avoid a prosecution and what would be the procedure if they were prosecuted. The starting point is that Article 12 of the EU Drivers' Hours Regulations


Hello friends. So after ny weekend run in with Tesco security I've received a very positive response. Good to see we are welcome to use their store now but please if you do dont take the piss! Dont park there all night or litter etc. Respect is a two way street, its up to them to respect us and in turn for us to respect them and their property. Thanking you one and all for your help bringing it to their attention. Luke Vernon


Hello chums. Sorry for the delay in videos, part 6 of the eastern European fandango will be up next week. Inspired partly by the Commercial Motor sticker pictured and my own experiences this is a post about the UKs dislike of trucks. I'll start with a story about a run in I had with Tesco Store security at their Lakeside Extra store last night.... As many of you know I like to do all my own cooking and therefore need to shop in supermarkets to purchase this food! There are almost no supermarkets in the UK that have the luxury of truck parking (Tesco Ipswich being a rare exception) so I try and shop at stores where I can park causing the minimum of obstruction. One of these stores is Tesco Lakeside Extra. Many times I've parked in the service road for 30/40 minutes to get a spot of shopping. So last night my fridge was empty so I did just that. I spent £40 in the store between 18.05 and 18.35. When I got back to my lorry, which wasn't causing any problems whatsoever, a secur