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How do chums. As some of you may know I also make little videos of trips I go on with my chum Shaun. Mainly because he enjoys rambling on at the camera like I do. There are some videos in the pipeline from our recent trip driving across America from San Francisco to Boston but while I make them have a look at these ones from a trip we did to Cornwall a year ago. Not great quality I'm afraid as I had problems with the uploading then lost the originals. The US videos will be much higher quality so don't let it put you off. Also feel free to subscribe to us on YouTube and comment to let us know what you think. Oh, and before anyone asks, we are not a couple. ;-) ONWARD


Sorry it's taken me so long to get this one up but I've spent the last two weeks driving across 10 American states with 6 more to go so have been a little busy! Anyhow, greetings from Chicago and I do hope you enjoy this first part of my little jaunt to Spain that I filmed just before I left for holiday. ONWARD.