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Our New Project- #GoingGlobal

So, news of a new project I have been thinking about for a while. If you can help me please email but otherwise just happy to hear what you think or any ideas you might have. Happy viewing and happy February one and all!

New DAF & Volvo

Hullo friends, hope everyone’s week started as you hoped it would. If it didn’t, well, sorry, tomorrow is another day, everything looks worse when tired. Unless it really is a pile of shit! So anyway, I’m waffling you may have seen me mention that I’ll be going to see some super interesting new trucks this week and these are two of them (3rd revealed soon, super interesting, but not Broughtons). The DAF XG+ in particular I’m really interested to see, I’ve not actually seen one in the flesh yet. The size of the cab is bonkers, I’m not entirely sure how they’ve managed it but manage it DAF have. Rarely considered in same league by many as Volvo or Scania but DAF have been kings of the big cab for 40 years. When the 95 SuperSpaceCab came out it dwarfed everything else on the market and this looks like it’ll take the battle right up to the Scandinavians front door (tho in U.K. the XF has been the best selling tractor unit for over 25 years). So yes, watch this space, follow me on twitter/I

A Future Classic - The V3 FH

Was talking to Mr Grant on Instagram ( ) about this oldie he loves and how she’ll never be sold and how he wants to put alloys on her. I personally think the V3 Volvo FH is the 143 of the future. What I mean is it’ll be the most desirable classic in years to come like the 143 is now. The V3 FH is far and away one of the best trucks ever made in my opinion, the final perfected version of a brilliant model. If you have one you don’t need to sell- don’t. Trust me, you’ll regret it if you do. Have a good start of weekend all. 

#TruckingDiaries Big Truck, Big Load, Big Hills!

So, was only 3/4 years in the making but here it is! Hope it’s worth the wait, I’m quite pleased with this one.    

#TruckingDiaries NEW ITALY VIDEO!

On Facebook other day someone said what would you tell 18 year old you if you could and I said jokingly ‘give up now’ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ( sounded funny in my head). Making the latest Italy video made me realise one thing- so far I’ve led the life I always dreamed of. And you can’t ever get any better than that. So if 18 year old Luke met 44 year old Luke he would leave the encounter very happy even after he discovers I’m still an idiot 26 years later ๐Ÿ˜‚ An unemployed one with a boggle-eye. Enormous lows (unemployment isn’t one) are greatly outnumbered by the ridiculous number of highs. Many of which are in my videos. Driving over the Alps for instance never gets old, always takes my breath away. Showing the world as I see it, to share my excitement in it was entire reason for starting videos…..13 years ago!  One of the biggest and best lessons I ever learned I learned from my brush with death. A lesson on how to put things in perspective. Any day you get to wake up in your own bed and get out of it i

#TopTipsTraining; News & Plans Update  

#TopTips Axle Configurations


Complementary Year Calendar Sent With Every Order In Jan

Complementary Year to a Page calendars sent with every order in January! Deasktop, single A4 with sticky pads on back or A5 with same (Use extra postage for A4 version) (Don’t get too excited just a single page! Card tho with sticky pads) (pic wise it’s lucky dip!) #ONWARD! Store

#ThrowbackThursday; Where It All Began!

Hullo chums. Been sorting out my videos and tidying my channel up and thought it would be good to share how it all started, when I was battling to get to Sweden and back Christmas week 2009! If only I knew then what this little cobbled together video was the start of! Thanks for watching all these years everyone! Help and advice mail  

#TopTips: WTD & EU Drivers Hours

Hullo! So boom, after years of procrastination I finally have a drivers hours video! I’ve tried to simplify it and make it more of a chat than me droning on from a script and I think it’s turned out well. In the description all the chapters are marked so in future you can just skip straight to a point you may need reminding of. Would be great if you can share as much as possible, I know it’s 38 minutes but the legal aspect is only the first 18 minutes, the rest is dispelling the many myths about drivers hours that go around. Don’t forget my email is ALWAYS OPEN if you need advice or some clarification. If I can’t answer I’ll know someone who can. Also if after 24 hours I’ve not replied please email me again with REMINDER in capitals in description, some emails so fall through the cracks in my non existent filing system! So yes email and remember you are never bothering me and I’m always happy to help if I can. It’s made me realise I love everything about teaching

More Miles In Reverse……  



Who The F**k Is ?

Hullo, if you are reading this you’ll have probably either seen it on my LinkTree or seen one of my silly Facebook replies and thought ‘who the f**k is that t*wat’….. My name is Luke Vernon, and I’m a 44 year old truck driver on a break from work after nearly dying in a bad car crash. I’ve been in and around the Transport industry my entire life as my grandad was before me and Dad still is. My earliest memories involve trucks and one of the great many times I went with him as a kid. Born in Oxford and started life in Thame we moved to Wales when I was ten and I consider myself Welsh. Currently live in Lampeter Ceredigion. My life long dream was to drive trucks internationally but my first driving job was a bus for Davies Bros. Then moved onto coaches in London for The Londoners and Clarke’s of London. Moved between that and international tours with Parnhams coaches and finished my coaching career, as a full time driver at least when I was offered my first truck driving job at Nolans (y