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Hello peeps. As many of you will know some really bad weather is about to hit us and last over the festive period. Reading about it on BBC news the line 'give high sided vehicles plenty of room' gave me an idea for a blog post. So here it is! Many people who have very little motorway experience take to the road at this time of year. Im not claiming to be the best driver in the world, I just know that many car drivers follow my blog and lets face it the car test is inadequate at best. So all I want to do is give you some advice I learned from driving everything from cars to minibuses to double deck coaches and vans to artics in 22 different countries over the past 18 years! IN HIGH WINDS- 1. DO NOT DITHER! On motorways often if a problem occurs most car drivers first reaction is to brake. In many cases this can be the worst option! If you see a high sided struggling with wind as you overtake ACCELERATE! The best place to be is in front of it, not behind, and most certainly not b


Dear Sir Uncle Bertie Hope you might be able to help me I am a 52 year man, driving trucks at weekends. A few weeks ago I happened upon a chance meeting with my hero. He was sat waiting at a confectioners depot in Minworth near Birmingham. We had a lovely chat and I posted a message on that weeks 'who's seen who' on ' the forum', saying how nice it was to meet him etc. Since then I have heard nothing. He doesn't write, never a call, he uses no end of social networking media, I have searched and searched, but, nothing. I feel upset and let down. Should I keep watching or grow a pair and let it go. Yours SD Good god man what are you? A 12 year old girl obsessed with a member of the Bay City Rollers? (I hear they are big in the hit parade, I prefer Vivaldi) The fact of the matter is Luke is a moron, you wouldn't want him as a friend. He never calls me either, the fact I'm in this awful tin box with him day after excruciating day is irrelevant. GET OVER IT,


Good times, there's soon to be more options on the direct Ireland - France route. Irish Ferries have a new ship and will offer an economy service to rival existing operators, and will also sail from Dublin. And even more interesting for a ferry nerd like me is LD Lines new routes. It will soon be possible to sail from Rosslare to Saint Nazaire and even Gijon in Spain. The timings look great too, departing on a Friday. So interesting times ahead. About time there was more competition on this route. ONWARD! Luke Vernon


Someone sent me a message that within it had an utterly genius idea. I pitched the idea to Bertie and he said ok. So, Bertie has taken it upon himself to be your Agony Uncle. We want your life problems and weekly on the blog (written at first) Bertie will dispense help and advice to the masses. He cant answer them all obviously and dont send in if you cant take a bit of comedic abuse! Send them to ONWARD!