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Dear Sir Uncle Bertie

Hope you might be able to help me

I am a 52 year man, driving trucks at weekends. A few weeks ago I happened upon a chance meeting with my hero. He was sat waiting at a confectioners depot in Minworth near Birmingham. We had a lovely chat and I posted a message on that weeks 'who's seen who' on ' the forum', saying how nice it was to meet him etc.

Since then I have heard nothing. He doesn't write, never a call, he uses no end of social networking media, I have searched and searched, but, nothing.

I feel upset and let down.

Should I keep watching or grow a pair and let it go.

Yours SD

Good god man what are you? A 12 year old girl obsessed with a member of the Bay City Rollers? (I hear they are big in the hit parade, I prefer Vivaldi) The fact of the matter is Luke is a moron, you wouldn't want him as a friend. He never calls me either, the fact I'm in this awful tin box with him day after excruciating day is irrelevant. GET OVER IT, and grow some balls is my advice. There are no friends in this world, just people who want to screw you over. I learnt that the hard way, and now you have to too. As for Trucknet, well, what can I say. Thats just populated by morons, best stay away. Hope this advice has been of no use whatsoever, I couldn't care less about your piffiling life. GO AWAY. NEXT.......

Dear Bert (May I call you Bert?)

For 25 years now I have been driving trucks all over Europe, I go home every 6 weeks, to my wife and children. Sadly she thinks this isn't enough and is now threatening to divorce me. The problem is I don't know who I love the most, her or my job. What do I do Bert? Do I really have to choose? Shes a beautiful woman but I don't think I could cope with being home every night.

Bemused of Bedford

NO YOU MAY NOT CALL ME BERT........But to your problem. I see no problem here, ditch her and go live in your truck for the rest of your days. You say shes beautiful, but what is beauty in the face of a job you love, ditch her and go enjoy a life on the road I say. If you wish I can take care of your wife for you. Please feel free to email a picture, AT ONCE.....oh, and your address.

Good day to you Sir Bertie,

I have one question:

I am nearly 15 now and my dad is a class 2 lorry driver. Trucks have been my passion for my whole life. In future I would like to become a international truck driver- like Luke is. I told my parents about it and they said that I have to go to a University and study etc. So I wanted to ask you how much does a lorry driver get paid a month roughly and what about the qualifications: do you need any?

Thanks , Dave

Hello young man, finally a proper question. Luke, the moron decided to become a driver at a young age, and look where he ended up! NOWHERE! My advice is go to university. Get some qualifications and then if you wish become a driver afterwards. Why do I say this? Well, you'll find it very hard to get a job before 25 anyway, not impossible but hard, so why not pass this time doing something worthwhile like study. This way you will be able to keep your parents happy an your dream alive. Go forth and study....oh and the money in lorry driving is rubbish by the way

Edit from Luke; Surprisingly good advice from Bertie there. There is no harm in going to University first then becoming a driver afterwards. University is a good experience when you're young, and then if you do become fed up with driving afterwards you have something to fall back on. You will never become rich driving a truck and nor do you need any academic qualifications


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