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#DriverShortage; WTF?!

  The Business Secretary & his fellow ministers stupidity is frankly mind boggling at this stage. I’m not religious but I’m tempted to start praying that we are delivered from this overwhelming incompetence. Soon. Before the food runs out. Completely. > #DriverShortage; WTF?!     Buy me a coffee

It’s Beyond A F**king Joke.

It’s the middle of the night and I just read the government press release and got angry. So as you can imagine I swore a lot. I’m not fucking apologising for it because I’m just fucking totally exhausted and on the edge of my sanity with it all at this stage of the shitshow. I’m tired, I’m bankrupt and I’m monumentally stressed. If you don’t like fucking swearing don’t fucking watch. Boom, problem solved. Good fucking morning to you.   TO ADD- before any pompous arseholes comment the usual ‘if you have to swear you don’t have a point’ fuck off. I’m a stressed lorry driver desperate to return to work, not a work shy politician.   Buy me a coffee

#DriverShortage; We’re Being F**ked. Again.

So the latest nonsense to come from the incompetence warehouse that is Westminister is temporary visas to allow some foreign drivers to come and save us from ourselves……   BERTIES EMERGENCY PORK CHOP AID   Buy me a coffee

#DriverShortage; Just In Time Mr Shapps?

Hello friends hope all is well. Just a little video containing a life and licence update followed by some more #DriverShortage ranting and swearing. Have a great Friday and an enjoyable weekend one and all. EMERGENCY PORK CHOP FUND My Other Links   Buy me a coffee

#DriverShortage; Agency Drivers Are Shit

Hullo friends, I hope this dull weekend is treating you well. After my cantankerous Agency Drivers Are Shit image I had to make the video ASAP before any more people stopped following me. So hear it is. Happy Evening all.  P.. I’ve done some ‘remoaning’ in the Daily Express!     Buy me a coffee

#DriverShortage; Prime Ministers Questions

So as you know I’ve been very vocal about the #DriverShortage, it’s reasons, possible solutions etc which I emailed to politicians. Today my MP Ben Lake who is also helping me with my driving licence posed some of my thoughts and questions at the Prime Minister! Not ashamed to say I was shaking with excitement as a life long politics junkie! So here is probably the fastest video I have ever made with my thoughts on the PM’s reply. And thank you to Ben Lake, MP for Ceredigion. My MP who has been so helpful   Buy me a coffee

#ONWARD To The New Week!

Hullo friends, have a great week all. Handful of #LampeterLorrySpotting pictures from last week, hope you enjoy.   Buy me a coffee

F**king F**k You DVLA. #Fuck.

As you probably can tell there’s a profanity laden update. Don’t watch if you’ve a fragile constitution.       Buy me a coffee

#TruckingDiaries; Milkward Ep 3; Cymru Am Byth

Greetings one and all. Please enjoy the latest instalment of the Milkward series. Penwythnos dda pawb. LinkTree   Emergency Pork Chop Fund   Buy me a coffee

#ThrowbackThursday; HSF & HSS

lorrydriverdotcom · #ThrowbackThursday; HSS & HSF One my favourite ever ferries is the Stena Line HSS. My truck in picture below  is on right BN-VV-11. This was the rush to Ireland job, you’d head to HSS with 2/3/4 others and  meet trucks in Dublin who stayed there all week and shuffle the loads about to make runs (HSF was 90%+ Multidrop). I really enjoyed my time at HSF Logistics  working out of depot Nijmegen . Not long after this I left……….to start at Virginia  …………you may of heard of them! I emptied BN-VV-11 on a Friday afternoon in Coventry. On Saturday I was in Co. Cavan  Ireland loading it into 06-CN-831, a year old Scania R500 (not named it was one before Bruce. Before I became a loudmouth twat). First V8 I ever drove I think. Have a good afternoon all.  Thank you so much for the continuing donations. Latest #TruckingDiaries video up later today.     Buy me a coffee