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A Jaunt To Lovely Holland

Good evening chaps and lady chaps. Here be another video where I trundle of to Holland in the truck. They are coming thick and fast at the moment, I hope I don't start boring you with them. This is part 1 of probably 2. As usual feel free to leave comments, suggestions or questions below. Have a splendid weekend all

Movember Update

Here we have another Movember update. My tache is now looking quite good even if I do say so myself. WARNING! WARNING! Contains over 8 minutes of my stupid face.....

6 Music

As anybody that knows me I'm forever going on about 6 Music. I honestly think its the greatest station in the world and come the day all radio goes digital I have no doubt that 6 Music will destroy Radio 1's ratings, and give the fusty old Radio 2 a good run for its money. The music it plays is stunning. But last nights Marc Riley (yes, Lard) show was a classic. Incredible music plus Wire in session plus of course the brilliant Marc putting it all togther. So if you've never heard 6 before here is a good place to start - P.s I listen in the truck on a Pure Highway DAB, you can buy them from Amazon or Halfords. One tip, if for a truck get the optional magnetic external ariel. It makes the driving fly by. Happy Tuesday

Night Photography

Hello friends. Just been having a play with my new tripod as you can see from the picture at the top. Here are a couple more of the lorry that I took at the same time. I've always loved night photography and hope to do more of it in future. Keep looking for good spots to shoot the lorry as I drive about! As you can see Bertie is quite prominent in them!

Congratulations to Mr Toodles who can now drive a lorry!

Good day one and all. I'm using my website today to say congratulations to my youngest brother Mr Toodles, or as he prefers to be called Sam, for passing his truck test yesterday. He's now qualified to drive articulator trundlewagons. He passed with flying colours putting the rest of the family to shame! Well me and my other brother anyway who failed our C+E tests first time. Anyhow he has no intention of driving a lorry for a living. At least full time. He's a mechanic at a fantastic garage and he did the test so he could drive their rally car lorry seen here with the vans. Happy weekend all.

My first hater!

Due to some eloquent and intelligent chap repeatedly calling me a knob in the comments over the last few days so I now premod comments. So if they don't appear straight away that's why. This way my happy hater can keep calling me a knob to his hearts content but no one else has to see it. Somebody I've never met and don't know hates me, fame at last! (That was very much a joke!) Feel free to leave comments, anonymous or otherwise on this or any post. Good times

Lukes Top Tips!

Good morrow one and all. Now before I start I'm not for a second putting myself up as some sort of all knowing oracle! I'm just a tit that's happy to make a fool of himself on camera. Anyhow as you may have seen I have started dropping little hints and tips into my videos after getting messages for new and wannabe (I hate that word) drivers who find them useful. So I'm gonna do a few videos that revolve around tips and hints. I soon will be buying a tiny camera that fits over the ear like a Bluetooth headset so I can film what I see and have both hands free. So what would you like to see? Again I'd just like to remind people I'm not in anyway a trainer or the like, I'm just an everyday driver doing an everyday job. I just want the tips to be stuff that'll help a new driver along when he's passed his test and is starting out. When I started out I had my Dad on the end of the phone and I'd have been lost without his advice but many new drivers don&

Movember Week 2

Bertie Sightseeing

I took Bertie sightseeing at the weekend in London. I think he enjoyed it!

Happy Fridayeve

Hope life finds everyone well. Just been having a picture sort out on my laptop so I thought I'd post a couple of interesting ones from past couple of years. You often see Iranian trucks in Italy. In fact by Milan or Turin I can't remember there is a service area which is often full of them. From old Americans like this one to Chinese trucks based on the old Volvo FL10 cab - These trucks belong to a chain of restaurants in France called Buffalo Grill. Every one is different, not every ones cup of tea but a bit of a change to the norm - And this turned up in the yard while I was there in May 2010, a brand new demonstrator. I was first to take it for a spin and loved it. Little did I know at the time 5 months later I'd have one of my very own. So there you go, just a little update. Will hopefully post another short Movember update on Tuesday at the end of week 2. Also I can't wait to get out with my new tripod and start taking some night shots. Watch this space.

Movember Week 1

New Toys!

Good evening to you all. I'm going to try and get my Bertie and me Movember video later this evening although I'm a bit pushed for time do if not it'll be Thursday as I'm in Ireland tomorrow. It's all filmed just need to sort beginning and end. Anyhow I got some new toys! I've started really getting into photo editing, it's going to take a lot of practise to become good but to help me in my quest I've bought a graphics tablet. Exciting stuff. Well I think it is. And I've bought a good tripod too. So more night shots, which I love taking, plus I'm gonna use it for some video ideas I have. I'll keep you posted. All I need now is £2000 to buy a big f*** off MacBook and new video editing software. Hopefully I'll have saved enough for them by the new year! Well February or March anyway.

Hello Friends

Howdy doodle. Hope life finds you all well. If all goes to plan they'll be another short Movember video containing me and Sir Bertie tomorrow. That's if the grumpy old bugger wants to appear. Sir Bertie also has his own Facebook profile where he's pitching himself as an agony uncle. I don't think his advice is doing much good personally but he's so pig headed I can't stop him. He's Bertie Legohead on there Also I have spent a fair few quid on photo editing software recently, and I'm really starting to get into enhancing the pics I take. For this reason the page pic above will change a lot more now, mainly because I can easily resize it to fit the page nicely. Hope you all approve. P.s this site is heading for 100,000 hits in its first year at this rate. Fantastic stuff and thank you to all of you that visit. Good times indeed.

Vernons Vehicles & Vittels, Final part

You've gotta like mustard to like the cooking in this one! Hope this video is ok, not sure about it myself. Anyhow I've lots of ideas in the pipeline and they shall be making an appearance soon. In the meantime, sponsor me for Movember!! And as always feel free to leave comments below.

Happy Movember one and all.