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Hello chums, I hope you are well. You may have noticed I've been a little quiet online the past few days. The picture is of my brother in his first week as a truck driver driving my R500, Bruce, when he came to work for Virginia and spent a week with me learning the ropes! Its breaks my heart to tell to that at 9am on Saturday morning he died when his heart failed in hospital after being admitted with pneumonia. He had been ill for a year or so but this was a bolt out of the blue that has left us devastated. He seemed to be getting better. I tried to make a video for this request but I couldn't hold it together long enough to get many words out. He was 32 years old and leaves two young children. So heres the request, the care he has had over the past year has been brilliant, so I have decided to try and raise some money in his memory to help people in the area he lived who need care like he did. So me and the whole family would be so pleased if you could donate anything you cou


Hello chums. How are we all. Heres the latest video, a short trip to France and back. Anyhow I know they've not been of great quality of late in terms of video quality (otherwise still as ramshackle as ever) but I promise they are going to improve soon. I have a brand new Windows 8 laptop in the pipeline along with a new camera so I shall be stepping up a gear. So do stick with me, I promise it'll get better. In the meantime feel free to like or comment and such. ONWARD