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The Growth of Women in the Fleet Industry

Hi there! I'm Elle, a guest blogger for Luke. I'll be writing about women in the fleet industry today - and if you fancy reading more from me, you can check out my blog .  The fleet and lorry industries have always had the tendency to be dominated by male drivers and male workers. However, these preconceived notions have been dramatically challenged during the last decade, with more and more women breaking into the fleet industry than ever before. There are now a growing number of female roles within this competitive environment and it seems as if this trend is only beginning. Let us take a look at some prime examples of successful women in the Fleet and trucking industries, and how they’re pioneering a growth of gender equality in a primarily male-dominated industry. Women Business owners are leading the way Whilst many years ago, most large Fleet companies were owned by men, there are more and more companies growing and expanding – that have women founders. One example of thi


Hello everyone. So as many of you will know I was unfairly given the boot from my transport manager job at Virginia. The truth is I was thinking of leaving anyhow as the stress was insane. I got back on the the road on Saturday and it felt like coming home, hitting the M5 in a Volvo FH 500, radio on, stress free work, it was bliss and made me realise it all turned out for the best. Anyway, back to now. Im now a freelance driver. I want to work on my terms when I want to work. I've been a driver for 18 years and have a full clean C+E and D+E licences so I can drive coaches and trucks. I'd love a bit of coach work in the summer to keep my hand in. All up date with CPC and have a packages ADR licence. Im interested in a variety of work. Mostly local but I do want to do trips to Europe on occasion. I spent 3 years piloting a FH16 750 so I can be trusted with any truck! I have experience with many types of work. Fridges (hanging and boxed), flats, curtainsiders, euroliners, tankers,


Hello chums, I'm coming back! This site will be cranked back into action and I'll be producing a lot more content for it from here on in. Also if you're a company looking for a freelance driver, both C+E and D+E clean licence, in the Bristol area I'm your man.