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So,  here I am, sat at my desk wondering what to write. As you will know I gave up full time driving 3 months ago to move into the office, I swapped a truck for a briefcase effectively! Many questioned my wisdom in doing this, expecting me to pine for the road and that I'd soon go back driving again. I actually thought myself that I would miss driving but actually, did I? Surprisingly no, not at all. In the last 3 months I haven't for a second missed driving and love my new role. So my new job, what is it? Virginia Logistics the company I work for have long wanted to set up a UK depot but as is often the case time was an issue, no one within the company could spare the time to set it up and employing a new person to set up a whole new division would be a bit of a risk so when I decided to stop tramping they offered me this role. To say I was over the moon was an understatement, I'd always wanted to give up full time driving before I was 40 and all of a sudden yet another dr