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Howdy friends. Me and my chums at Chrome Northwest are running a competition for you. The prize being 10 bottles. Basically you simply need to guess how many km Im going to cover in the next two weeks. Each day Ill post clues on my Facebook page to help you make an educated guess. So watch the video, like the pages and please share with anyone you think may be up for it! You can enter anywhere I post, YouTube, here, Twitter and Facebook. Also as well as you can now buy their products in the following places- TRUCK & BUS COMPONENTS, LISBURN N.I A.J GRANT & SONS INVERNESS LYMM TRUCKSTOP RED LION NORTHAMPTON J1 TRUCKWASH PENRITH TRUCKSTOP LOCKERBIE TRUCKSTOP CAIRN LODGE SERVICES As well as others. (Google is your friend re the above!)