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How do chums, hope today finds you well. Welcome to my cab kitchen. In my never ending noble quest to improve the diets of lorry drivers and prove that cooking the the lorry is simple I've decided it's time for another cab cooking video. The ingredients for this are 1 fresh tuna steak, 1 tin of new potatoes, 1 slicing tomato, feta cheese and a lump of garlic butter. It's quick its easy and very very tasty. And at the end Bertie reveals the secret to cleaning the truck after cooking.... ENJOY and remember, anyone can cook in a lorry. Also feel free to suggest things you'd like to see me cook in future. Simple and easy and preferably one pot please!


Howdy doodle chums I hope we find you well. Final episode of the Bertie, Baguettes and Brittany video up at the weekend so do look out for that! Just thought I'd share some pictures of one of several new trailers we have, lovely Gray & Adams fridges, king of the fridge! Took the pics for an exciting reason, so watch this space. Never had my pics used in the way they will be thats for sure. Secondly just another little plug for Chrome Northwest. Tried out this soap the other day, it was great stuff that made washing the truck really easy! So GO BUY SOME, AT ONCE! But no honestly it's great, I wouldn't say so otherwise. Also brought Babs my elderly VW camper up to a great shine too! ONWARD.