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DAF Review So, one of most common questions I'm asked lately is what I think of the DAF. Obviously for a long time time I've mostly driven Volvos and Scanias and before this job it was well over a decade since I last tramped full time in a DAF (for HSF). As you know though I had driven later models and hated the body XF with a passion!  When the current version came out DAF seemed very confidant it would change my mind about them in our Twitter exchanges but I thought how different can it be? The answer? A lot. In some ways its like a completely different truck despite being almost identical in looks. Firstly- the gearbox. The auto on previous DAFs was a fupping disaster and everyone knew it! Show, jerky and just generally rubbish in a way no auto should be this late in the day. That's completely changed, for the vast majority of the time it's indistinguishable from an iShift (that having long been the good standard). Yes it has its odd moments but they are very rare an