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Another week another truck

Happy years end friends. Hope it finds you well. Well since there is no sign of my truck being done yet (top tip, don't crash right before Christmas!) I've had to swap into another truck. Not as nice looking as Gertrude or Holly but holy Jesus what a beast. I suddenly miss having a V8. It's an ex Reed Bordall jobby do as basic as they come but it's a three pedal opticruise, which I'm pleasantly surprised by. Great gearbox in my opinion. Drove over Snowdonia in it in the early hours of this morning with a full load of meat and good grief it pulls like a train, and you should hear the noise, it's awesome. A right beast of a truck. Plus after Gertrude's drink problem (averaging 6mpg in the two weeks I had her!!!) it's nice to have big tanks. From Virginia to Bristol and the needle has barely moved. So getting to the point I've named this one Brian Aldridge, charges around making a lot of noise and is full of hot air (the heater is stuck on full!). Anyho

Sorry for being so quiet!

Hello peeps. The new year is nearly upon us, and I shall start making a new video then. Don't have Holly the lorry back yet and I've no idea when I will. In the meantime I thought I'd share this old pic from when I went with my Dad when he worked for Nolans. I think it was me, but could have been my younger brother. It looks like France anyhow. Happy New Year

Nadolig Llawen

Good morning peoples. Just a quick message to those of you daft enough to come on here on Christmas day a very very happy Christmas. Also sorry for the slight lack of vids and updates. As you can imagine I've not been in the greatest frame of mind! As for Holly I don't reckon I'll get her back for a good while yet. Gertrude is in comparison like an asthmatic alcoholic pensioner! She hates hills and drinks diesel like nobodies business. So anyhow onward to the new year and a new set of videos, and hopefully at some point my truck back. Well it's not mine it's the companies, but you get the drift. ONWARD.....

Bertie has a new friend.

Good Monday to you. Whilst on a break in our yard at Virginia recently I was informed that someone who likes my videos was coming to say hello. It was a nice young lady called Lorna. To be honest I think she wanted to meet Bertie more than me. He was actually nice for once! We had our picture taken in front of the lorry. She also got to see poor wounded Holly. I was rather chuffed that someone had made the special effort to meet me! So it was lovely to meet you Lorna, and Bertie sends his regards! Have a very happy Christmas to you and your family. And indeed everyone else.

Bertie is OK!

Hello chums. Now there is a few days between now and my accident I feel much better. My lorry won't be ready for a while yet so until then I get to drive her sister, Gertrude. The red Scania was ok but to be honest I was getting fed up of having to change gear so the change to this one is most welcome. The driver is off for two weeks for Christmas so I'll be in this till mine is ready. Good times. I've got my twitter name plate in the window and of course Bertie is with me. As you can see in the picture he's looking away. He still hasn't forgiven me for the trauma I put him through. He had to wear a bandage for a couple of days but that's off now replaced with a plaster. Have a good week all be you working or off and just think this time next week it'll be Christmas day. Woo hoo

An Update And Magnum Review!

Hello people's. Well there's nothing like a mishap to make the website hits go through the roof. Anyhow thank you all so much for your messages. I'll pick up the story from Tuesday night. Once it was out I drive her down to the recovery garage for a check over. I sorted my stuff out and chucked some stuff into the Magnum which was to be my bed for the night. My truck was then driven back to the yard under her own steam. Drives perfectly, even all the lights work. No air leaks nothing.. So, the Magnum. I woke up to a covering of snow. Not a great start in a truck I've never driven before! I then went round to tip the load, all fine and delivered with no problems. On the way back I was looking at every ditch and how deep it was, and on a couple of occasions when the road dragged the truck towards the ditch my heart was in my mouth. I was somewhat surprised at how nice the Magnum was to drive. A very pleasant truck, the automatic gearbox and 480 engine made light work of t


Well I feel a bit better today having had a good sleep. I slept in a Gigantibus, or more commonly known as a Magnum, and when I opened the blinds I was greeted with an inch of snow and it's still snowing. So I've got to drive a truck I've never driven before, in snow, on untreated roads, oh and did I mention the truck is only a few months old! Today will be very much slow and steady with a good dose of nail biting!

The worst ever day of my driving career

I always knew one day I'd regret putting so much online, well today is that day. I would have loved for this balls up this never to be seen but since it's all over the forums here goes. The weather was icy, it was windy and snowing. I moved over slightly because a truck was coming, the front wheel slipped into the ditch and that was that. It's the N80 at Portlaiose, bog country. I'm fine thanks to the seatbelt, I was pinned into the seat by it. Otherwise I'd be a crumpled mess in the passenger side. Or worse out the screen. We had to take the whole load off before it was recovered, by hand. It took hours. Once that was done recovery started. It took a couple of hours. I couldn't watch half of it as it was too upsetting. When it finally got back on its own feet the damage was assessed it was startling. There is honestly not a scratch on the cab or side skirts or trailer, the mirrors are still attached and unbroken. There is a hole in the diesel tank but it's

The Final Part Of The Dutch Adventure

I've tweaked the logo a little bit

Good morning chums. Just done a a bit of fiddling with the logo to tidy it up. The stickers probably wont be in full colour though, that would cost an insane amount!


Good morning friends. Now, stickers. A few of you mentioned them so I've been thinking about them. I wanted to give them away for free but it turns out weather proof vinyl ones are actually quite expensive. So the idea is I'll sell them through eBay. For probably around £2 you'll get a vinyl outdoor sticker and a couple of indoor ones. As a bonus if i see you in person I'll give you one free (oooo errr). So what do you think? Is it worth doing? They just be probably 3 inch square ones with the logo exactly as you see it there >>>. Let me know what you think.

Some Pictures & Words

Good day one and all. Just a few pictures and words to keep you interested. Virginia have bought 7 Volvo FH's. The first two have been on the road a few weeks and I've seen them driving about but at last I finally got to see one close up. I'm still a bit like an excited child around new trucks, so here we have a few pictures. Very nice truck but to be honest I'm really glad of my Scania trundlewagon. You may have seen the picture from Belfast, here are a couple more, bit better quality as they are from my camera. It really did look like the sky was on fire, it was so spectacular and beautiful. Think one will probably be a main website picture before long. If you follow the Facebook page then you may have seen that I was having a 24 in London this weekend. I went to visit a disused underground station, something I've always wanted to do. It was Aldwych, or Strand as it used to be known. I thought some of you may like to see a few pictures of it.

A Jaunt To Lovely Holland Part 2

So here we have the next instalment of the Holland trip. It will be in three parts as it turns out, so much for doing a shot one. A question for you, what is the optimum running time for these? I've made these ones 20 minutes or so therefore there are three of them but obviously there would have been two should I have made them 30 minutes. I just think 30 minutes is a bit too long. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, would be much appreciated. ONWARD...... Also to get up the Google rankings I need to drop more keywords in proper sentences such as I'm driving my lorry and I like being a truck driver! That is all!

Happy Friday From Belfast

How do one and all. I hope life finds you all well. Nothing much to this post other than to share this mornings amazing sunrise in jolly old Belfast. Have a good Friday all. ONWARD......

Toodle Pip Moustache

And so the end of Movember has been and gone and it's time to say goodbye to my moustache and start growing back the beard. It's also Berties birthday today so the cantankerous old fool makes an appearance too.