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The worst ever day of my driving career

I always knew one day I'd regret putting so much online, well today is that day. I would have loved for this balls up this never to be seen but since it's all over the forums here goes.

The weather was icy, it was windy and snowing. I moved over slightly because a truck was coming, the front wheel slipped into the ditch and that was that. It's the N80 at Portlaiose, bog country. I'm fine thanks to the seatbelt, I was pinned into the seat by it. Otherwise I'd be a crumpled mess in the passenger side. Or worse out the screen.

We had to take the whole load off before it was recovered, by hand. It took hours. Once that was done recovery started. It took a couple of hours. I couldn't watch half of it as it was too upsetting.

When it finally got back on its own feet the damage was assessed it was startling. There is honestly not a scratch on the cab or side skirts or trailer, the mirrors are still attached and unbroken. There is a hole in the diesel tank but it's only small, the bumper and a wing and the rear mud guards need to be changed. Even the load is ok.

Thank you everybody for the kind words it really is very appreciated. This morning I was sat with my head in my hands thinking all I want is to go home and never drive a truck again. But I am, I'm still in a job and currently lying on the bunk of a new Renault Magnum which I'll be driving tomorrow. That will be a nervous day.

I think you can tell a lot about a company by how they react when things like this happen. Virginia have been amazing. When I rang Ray one of the bosses this morning his first response once I told him his truck was on its side in a ditch was 'Are you ok?'. Followed by 'don't worry, we'll get this sorted'. What more can you ask for? Everybody has been absolutely great. James his brother another one of the bosses and Gary the workshop manager were both the same, they've been down all day helping unload the trailer. How many companies would have two of their top people in a trailer hand balling 20 tonnes of meat for hours.

I've never been one of those drivers that doesn't care. I care a lot and I'm not ashamed to say that to see my truck like that made me cry. It's been very hard to take but now it's out and on its way back to the yard I feel better. I really hate the thought that I've cost so much money and effort and damaged my beautiful lorry but like everyone says it can be repaired and no one is injured. It's still hard to take though all the same.

Also thanks to the chap from Corcoran Recovery in Portlaiose, he recognised me from the videos (!!) and he was fantastic. Calm and reassuring which was just what I needed at that point.

Oh and as for Bertie, he screamed like a girl and now thinks I'm an absolute twat.

Thanks again for the brilliant messages of support, sorry if I can't reply to every one of them but I read them all.


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