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Is There A #DriverShortage?

#TruckingDiaries: The North Remembers: Tiddy; Mission Accomplished Pt4

Good evening one and all. So sorry it’s 48 hours late but that is an improvement compared to past where they’d be weeks late! So I am getting better at this, it’s only been 11 years give me a chance. So here we have the fourth and last in the Aberdeen series. Don’t fret though I seem to have some other videos in the cloud and I have something coming up in a month or two that will create oodles on content. So as the youngsters say- watch this space. Boo ya kash aa / down wid me homies / gotta light gov? and so on and so forth No news re driving licence but I live in hope As ever thank you so much for everything -  BERTIES EMERGENCY CHOP FUND SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS

#MyTopThree: Countries. 1. IRELAND

So if you have thought about what #MyTopThree Countries much I dare say you’ll find number one inevitable. So yes, Ireland! I feel I should remind you this is a top 3 based on overall experience, not just driving. Though it has a terrible reputation for bad roads the road network is unrecognisable compared to just 20/25 years ago and bad roads are becoming ever fewer and further between. My first taste of Ireland was when Dad started working for Nolans in the late 90’s who were at the time one of ‘South Wales’ biggest employers of drivers. Back then the roads were horrendous and you had to make sure everything was strapped down, in the cab as well as the trailer! Nolan’s gets a lot of bad said about it but like most things a lot is not really true. Yes they were plain speakers, yes you ran day and night but no one ever went there for an easy time. Fact is they were/are well run and like most of Ireland’s transport sector a family firm where you’re more like to see the boss in overalls

#MyTopThree: Countries. 2. FRANCE

Hotel in Chantilly we used on first night of southbound tours Good Wednesday to you. Left is a little picture I posted online recently which for some unknown reason was crazy popular and led to the #MyTopThree idea! So here we are, number two of my top 3 countries you’ll have guessed by now is France. The amazing France. It’s a fantastic country.  Thanks to that pic let’s mention the most important thing……food! In pretty much every services they bake fresh baguettes every day and if in time to catch them warm they make it difficult to not eat them all, especially with President butter, the finest butter on earth in my opinion, sorry U.K. dairy industry, it just is. I’m not under any illusions, every services doesn’t have a bakery out back making dough! It will come in readymade, probably frozen, but it’s still delicious! Now I desperately want one Still rattling on about food……pasta boxes! Now I know rambling on about convenience food in France is a bit strange! But we all know what fr