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A blog love in!!

Hello chums. Never done this before but here's a bit of a blog link up. They are going to show my videos and what not and are very complimentary! It's actually a really nice blog and I really enjoyed reading the posts on it. So do go and have a look should you do fancy, and they even do stickers!

Good morrow

Hello chums I hope this Friday finds you well. I've just loaded in the midlands for Barcelona Monday so a nice easy run south for me among with materiel for a other video gram. Its been a slightly eventful week, Holly was in for a service this week so the Scania dealer asked if we'd help deliver some Stobart lorries to their Dublin depot, so of course I jumped at the chance to fulfill a life long dream to drive a brand new truck belonging to Europes premier logistics experts ;-) So off I trundles in a low cab G400, literally no expense has been spent, and of course take some pictures to document reaching the pinnacle of  my driving career. Little did I know that posting them online would lead to the meltdown of a member on Trucknet, a member who doesn't consider me worthy of me even kissing a Stobart drivers boots. Its well worth a read if you want a laugh. Ady1 the member in question is (was) a prolific poster always saying how much he loves working for Stobart. http://www

Yep, finally.....Bertie Goes Home

So I finally found time to put together the Bertie Goes Home video and here it is in all its glory! I, no we, hope you enjoy. Lots of studying to catch up on now so I don't want anyone asking 'when's the next video' for at least a month!! Or I'll be most aggrieved. The next video will probably revolve around mine, Berties and Hollys first truck show next month. So the preparation, the show etc.   #ONWARD>>>