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Supporting Ukraine

Just a little thing to support Ukraine. Buy a Ukrainian flag sticker to display and 50% of the proceeds from each flag bought will be donated to the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal. A tiny way to show support. Please share if you do. 4 designs available, 

Truckstop Review: Avon Lodge, Avonmouth

Hello friends. Here be the first of an occasional series of Truckstop reviews, because sometimes you can’t be arsed cooking! Let me know what you think, if it’s any good etc and and suggestions, truckstops, cafes or even snack vans. The plan is to pretty much have a set meal when possible so we can compare places with each other- that meal is a fry up because a fry up is one of the best meals on earth!  An ideal fry up for me is 2 fried eggs, 2 bacon, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, 1 slice of black pudding and 1 chunky sausage or 2 chipolatas, favourite type is the deliciously peppery Cumberland but not been in a cafe yet that lets you choose type of sausage! 2 toast and tea rounds out the meal. Preferably white sliced toast. Not a massive fan of fried bread or hash browns but will eat if there. I don’t go in for all that nonsense most do with fry ups by thinking it’s fixed this fixed that. Just eat what you like! The Avon Lodge Truckstop has over 40 HGV Spaces, 24 hour CCTV and pay at

A Look At The Iveco S-Way

Happy Sunday all. Here’s latest video, about the Iveco S-Way. Note - it’s not quite as in depth as the Volvo and DAF as I didn’t realise it would be there. Hope you enjoy anyway 

Vintage Stickers In Store Soon

Been working on a new range of stickers for my store. These will be vintage stickers. Back in the day it was great to collect them on your truck, sort of the trucks story, sadly in these corporate image conscious times it’s a activity that will never return but I’m going to remake them, good for laptops, phones, folders and even trucks. Any ideas and even better high quality images Welcome! Keyrings and more in store Monday 

My First Time Seeing Mirror Cameras


A Look At The New Volvo FH v5

Hello friends. Here we have a look at the new Volvo FH. Hope everyone enjoys and maybe finds it useful. The Iveco S-Way video will be out at the weekend (already is for #ClubPorkChop members) with a mirror camera video and Avon Lodge Truckstop review up around the weekend sometime. Thanks for everyone’s continuing support and help, your generosity is the only thing that has made these videos possible. Wouldn’t have been any without your kind donations. Thank you. Diolch. 

Mortimers Scania Centurion

So interesting one today. Toby at Broughton Transport Solutions Ltd wants to track down the Scania Centurion the company he once owned, J100 DMS. Last he heard it was in Ireland so I said I’d see if we could find it having many Irish followers as many of you are! No idea what reg it became if so but worth a post! Email me if you know anything and I’ll pass them on! Thank you!  

A Close Look At The New DAF XG+

So, second time lucky after copyright foiled my first attempt. Today I went to see a friends new DAF XG+ so here’s a close up look of the mighty beast! Happy viewing! Thank you to Toby at Broughtons for letting me look around his new lorries! Volvo FH v5 & Iveco S-Way videos coming during week. (#ClubPorkChopers have a link to Volvo video already) BROUGHTONS FACEBOOK

#ThrowbackThursday; Gadgets Galore

Hullo friends. Weeks just seem to fly by ever faster and here we are at Thursday again. Here is the final in the Italy series of videos where I look a bit more closely at the stunning FH 540 Dual Clutch I took there. Being a demo from Volvo HQ it had every available option! I’ve been lucky enough to drive some incredible vehicles but even I was amazed at some of the features. Enjoy!