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Yes the Olympics are upon us at last. The waiting is over and I feel like I'm going to burst with excitement. As many who visit this site know London is my city, I'm in love with the place and have been for a very long time. I remember exactly where I was when the announcement was made! I was driving a Gist lorry on M&S out of Hemel Hempstead and they'd sent me to pick up a trailer in Watford, the store delivery point is underground. So I spent half an hour waiting outside for the announcement so I wouldn't miss it. I was so excited and I'm more excited than ever now, the opening ceremony and the whole games are going to be brilliant and magnificent and a real boost for this beautiful country. I can't wait till the week after next when I get to visit the Olympic Park for the diving. Anyhow I just wanted to mark this very special occasion on my site and wish luck to Team Ireland and Team GB. Enjoy it everyone, it's truly a once in a lifetime experience. O


Here we are then, another place to guess in the comments below. It's the UK and on a rare, this year anyhow, sunny summer evening. Secondly I know it's been a week since Gothenburg part 2 but I haven't quite got part 3 ready yet. Having some problems getting some videos off my phone but once i do we will be sorted and it'll be up. I anticipate this to occur henceforth forthwith at the end of the week. So hold tight it is coming. I'm also going to be doing another Top Tips soon, carrying in with the trailer theme the next one will be dropping and picking up trailers. THANKS FOR VISITING, ONWARD>>>


How do one and all, my video producing rate seems to have accelerated somewhat! Here is part three in my series of videos aimed at new drivers just starting out and this one covers curtainsiders. There are a lot of curtainsiders out there and I can only film with the trucks I have access to so I can't of course cover everything. But I hope this brief intro to the world of the curtainsider may help some peoples. Alas Sir Bertie does not make an appearance in this once, he was suffering with an illness. As usual feel free to comment below or use the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons. ONWARD


I've had to have another little tweak to the website. The previous layout was my favourite but people were having problems leaving comments, as was I, so I've had to change it to the magazine format. You can still choose your own layout in the bar at the top. With this layout it gives the most recent post more prominence too which is good. So now when you clip on a blog post it opens into a window, allowing you to read it then like on Facebook or share on Twitter and also leave comments of your own at the bottom. It's always good to see comments people leave on there. Sorry if all this tweaking is annoying anybody but I really want to get it right and for it to be a good place to visit and one you want to interact with. Oh and heres a pretty night shot for you to look at, with Bertie's shiny bonce showing. Thanking you and of course ONWARD!


Thought I'd go for a more difficult one this time! Just the road and general area will do! It's in the UK, obviously. ONWARD


Here you go peeps, part 2. The final part should be up next week. Also please feel free to leave comments or use the facebook and twitter buttons below video. Thanking you muchly. ONWARD


Here we go chaps, part two of the Top Tips series. I promise I'm going to pick up the pace on these now. Please let me know how you think I did in the comments below. Oh, and WARNING- this contains a lot of serious Luke! ONWARD>>>
WHERE AM I? #2 So where am I this time. Comment below peoples and have a great day :-) Thanking you Luke Vernon


Here we go chaps and chapesses, a midweek surprise video! Partly to make up for the delay in the second part of the Barcelona video. I do hope you all enjoy.
WHERE AM I? So, here is the first where am I post that I talked about. Random pictures from my travels for you the visitors to guess in the comments section. It may in time turn into a weekly competition with a free sticker for the winner if I can find somewhere that will print stickers cheaply. But for now its just a bit of fun. So for some this first one is easy, where was I? Thanking you Luke Vernon
NEW LOOK BLOG! So as you cam see, we've a new look. So far on Facebook and Twitter its roughly 70/30 in favour of it but I'm well aware your not all on these sites so here please leave comments on what you think of the new look. The reason for the change? I thought the old one looked a bit 2003! I wanted some clean, modern and fresh and I think this is. If you look top left on menu bar you can customise your view and to the right is a grey bar that if you hover over it links and stuff appear. You can see a Facebook like button at the bottom of each post as well now along with a tweet one. I'm going to take a much more hands on approach with it now. I can post via email as well now so at least a couple of times a week I'm going to post a 'where am I picture' (thanks to my chum Simon Harrison for that idea!) to make it all a bit more interactive. I'd also like to hear your ideas for features. So, have a great day.ONWARD Thanking you Luke

GOOD MORROW! Videos, Spotify & Twitter

Hello chums, greetings froma wet and damp Londinium. As you may know the All Wales truck show was supposed to be this weekend but it was canceled. Which may be for the best as due to a delay with the reload in Denmark I wouldn't have made it back to West Wales in my hours anyhow much less had time to prepare the truck. Anyhow I promise to do a UK show at some point. Right, well what I'm getting to is that all the Barcelona videos are on my parents computer at home, so alas due to me not being there I can't make them. I'm gonna see if I can put together the first bit of the Sweden video if I can make enough space on my pooter. This is my first HD video! So they will probably be short 10 to 15 minute episodes due to the space limitations and upload speeds. So to keep you entertained for now I've made you a new Spotify playlist. This is a bit of a more laid back chilled one than the last one. It starts with the new Blur one Under The Westway. I adore Blur, and especial