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Plan Re Videos Going Forward

Hullo all. We made it to Friday! Hurray! Anyway as I’ve been thinking a lot when I nave licence back and working again I’m going to ramp up my social media and video activities, it’s the very least I can do after you’ve all been so very kind, emotionally and financially. I’d be in a very dark place now without you lot! Anyway want to make some instructional videos at home basically talking about what a particular word means, how it works etc. So on my list in hanging trailers and talking about Euro rails and differences. Another will be white diesel/red diesel/CNG etc. Basically words like that as experienced drivers we know exactly what they mean but new drivers might be too embarrassed to ask. As you know I’ve always been vocal about young/new drivers and how we need more of them and encouraging them. An antidote to all the usual trucking pages where it’s usually a sea of old buggers telling any new drivers brave enough to ask for advice not to bother, Truck driving is crap etc. So y

Tom Tom Professional 6250

Hello friends. Just to say I've put my satnav on ebay after finding it out yesterday. Full working order and very good consition. Link to ebay - Tom Tom For Sale

Me And My MAN Part 4

Hello one and all, hope i find you well, well as well as you can be in these grim times. So heres the latest instalment of my current Italy series. I also attack the ByMeACoffee subject at the and. Thanks so very much for the ongoing donations, it means the world to me and is so much help. Also thanks for viewing and/or commenting, I read and try to reply to all but they are all seen and all very appreciated. Well, by me, Bertie thing youre all ridiculous wasting time and money on a twat like me. His words! Have a great rest of week all