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Good afternoon people. A request. I'm looking to widen my customer base as a freelance driver and do a wider variety of work so if any of you know any companies (HGV or PSV) in Bristol or Southwest areas who have need of freelance drivers please do let me know via In time if I can gather up a lot of work I may take on other drivers to cover it, but I best walk before I run so it'll be just me to start with. 👍 Thank you muchly, have a good evening one and all.



Social media. What sites do you use? What do you use them for? And what are your usernames? I'll be going on a follow spree later. Many of you follow me on all my online sites but for those that don't my twitter is & my Instagram Twitter is mostly my interests, politics, stuff I hear on radio, The Archers etc and a little bit of trucks. Instagram is mostly work and sharing pictures of trucks, food, animals and my beautiful face........and  Facebook is and is mostly truck related. So, over to you, #ONWARD (I know there's been a bit of a wait since last video but hold tight it is coming)