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#DriverShortage; The Arsehole of Europe

Hello all. Just another ranty profanity laden speaky vid. Have a great weekend everyone. Life update some time over weekend. Thank you so for donations  

#DriverShortage; Should We Strike?

 As has become the usual I wade into the current affairs involving this sport we call tran with some thoughts about drivers going on strike. Interested to hear your opinions but be an adult not a moody teenager when commenting. Have a good evening all As ever thank you from bottom of my heart for the continuing donations-

#DriverShortage; Going On Strike

Hello everybody. And so begins, began, begun(?) a new week. I had a lovely time visiting my Bristol friend, think it was my first trip back in a personal capacity since I lived there. Bristol is an amazing place, if you ever get the chance to spend a couple of days there grab it. Anyhow waffle waffle waffle! So a strike has been ‘announced’ and I’m just writing this to tell you that there will be another video where I bluster and swear at the camera. Tomorrow. Also I love the fact that on my YouTube channel the comments section below relevant video is like a forum with people talking to each other, putting their points across etc. Talking is one of the most important activities you can engage in to be honest. I have learnt so much in past and continue to do so from followers who’ve but their point across in an adult manner. Sometimes they even changed my mind! I don’t agree with most of the people I follow. If I talk to you and we disagree FFS don’t take it personally! Some seem to see


So, a strike! RHA predictably against it. ‘A supply chain that runs like clockwork’ shows RHA clearly dont have the first clue about things at sharp end of this industry, or they are talking about another countries supply chain. RHA are totally disconnected from real world. This is why concentrating & only listening to ‘industry leaders’ is counterproductive and narrow. We ALL need a voice, some of us have no voice at all in these regular meetings which is ultimately counterproductive. Another talky video tomorrow or Tuesday.  

#ThrowbackThursday……on Friday

In a break to the normal ranting- Late #ThrowbackThursday today. It’s 2007, I had not been long at Virginia, before this I was driving a Dutch DAF XF on the fabled HSF ‘day night days’, and I was piloting my year old R500 on a trip I had dreamed of since I was a childhood, Italy for the first time. It lived up to expectations as you can imagine and despite previous to this my longest job being barely a year I’d go on to work for Virginia for another 8 years. And the rest as they say is history. Have a great evening all. After literally dozens of jobs I landed on my feet with that one. (And before you ask- no, I don’t want to be away full time anymore!) (This truck was never in my videos, that was one after. This is 06CN831 one later 06CN830 ‘Bruce’ 😂)  

#DriverShortage; A Dying Workforce

Hello all. He’s the latest in my seemingly popular #DriverShortage series of videos. The industry needs a total overhaul right now.

#DriverShortage; If Only There Were Someone Who......

Government announces package of measures to support road haulage industry - GOV.UK ( Note: I’m not as full of myself as this makes me sound! Honestly. If only there was a person within the transport industry who’d been working for a decade to help & advise young drivers and show the job in a positive but realistic light. If only…….* If only that person made hundreds of videos portraying job in a positive light while still being conscious of the bad aspects. Imagine that……. If only that same person had a playlist on YouTube where he posts how-to videos to help new drivers. And highly unlikely they have it all but imagine that person had a 24 year long career with experience of many jobs from driving bin lorries, to supermarket store deliveries to unloading meat in Rome Meat Market** in the middle of the night. That person would be perfect to help the government during this professional driver crisis but

#DriverShortage; Government - Where Good Ideas Go To Die

Hello all. I’m currently sat at my desk at home sweating because we are enduring the first ever Extreme Heat waning (in U.K.)……which will make people from hot countries guffaw heartily at the ridiculous Brits struggling at 32°c Anyhow he we are at the start of a new week. The weekend break will become regular from now on in an attempt to retain some sanity. Well, the little I had left anyway. People at top don’t work weekends most of time so it’s not point shooting into the void. So yeah the latest big idea from Government and big business with no driver input at all, again- bring Eastern European drivers back, watch to hear what I think. Always happy to hear your thoughts. Note below my new and only email address. Have a good rest of whatever fellow humanoids.

#ONWARD! To The Future!

Prynhawn Da / Good Afternoon. Hope everyone is enjoying this glorious much needed weather. I woke up with the overwhelming desire to eat fish and chips by the sea, yes I’m a bit strange so I hopped on a bus (literally no word of a lie 9 minutes after getting out of bed) and went to Aberystwyth, which was busy. Whereas once busy places weren’t my thing now after all that’s happened and while things are still up in the air it’s a beautiful sight, not least for all the struggling businesses that have had a horrifying time. Bad anywhere but in a seaside resort even worse as they need a good summer to survive through winter. Anyhow the bus journey was good for thinking and so I did some thinkings! About this site and my online activities. Time to stop, I shan’t be online again after today…….. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside and so on and so forth TRICKED YA!!!¡* 😂 You should be so lucky! No as you may have noticed I’ve started to push the blog and my activities in a direction where I

Sending Love Germany

Temporary pause in my moaning and bitching today to send love to Germany. It’s horrifying. I may be broke but I can lie on my sofa in my house in the sun, never underestimate the power of normal life. Some people have lost their lives, others their lives destroyed which they’ll be putting back together for years, which they may never recover from. Thoughts are with you Germany ❤️ It’s heartbreaking. Edit: just reading other countries affected too, but Germany has borne brunt. Thoughts are with everyone NEW EMAIL - is my new email address.

Hello all, hope a wonderful day was had by all. I went to the beach for a walk. Anyhow just to say I’ve a new email that replaces all previous email addresses I have. Have a good rest of evening all. NEW EMAIL! Behold my glorious face

#DriverShortage; The Bullshit Factory

Hello all. As seems to be becoming a daily occurrence I did a YouTube rant prompted by a piece on Facebook by The Haulier. Enjoy!

Universal Credit Woes

I wrote this for LinkedIn today and thought some of you may like to read it. Basically it’s just what I say in the video- One thing I’ve learnt from my brush with death- have a back up. After 25 years working, not only working but a workaholic, with only 3 or 4 days off sick in all that time I thought the money would just keep rolling in, stupidly. Then I nearly die when I crash my car into a gate post and was flown to hospital and family are told I probably won’t make it! But I did…….so……. I was smashed to bits and leaving hospital 5 weeks later unable to walk weeks before they normally would send you home because covid cases started coming in. My Mum and Sister had so much stress dealing with Universal Credit, not least keeping my house but thanks to financial help from them and friends I did. Been fit for work for months and months, I’m fighting fellow incompetent s**tshow government department DVLA to get my licence back.  If it returns today I’ll be working tomorrow. It’s that f**

Made To Feel Like A Criminal……

 After an incredibly stressful day I did what I did best, which isn’t saying much, yelled at a camera. So here, enjoy my angry sweary rant! Good evening

#DriverShortage; Open Letter To Government

Dear Political Leader,     It’s rare that transport makes the news, even rarer that we are in the headline news but here we are. It is a giant industry that without exaggeration makes modern life possible. If people remember any long term lesson from this situation it’s that we all rely on this industry for literally everything. I live in hope.     Instead of lumping yet more work on an already chronically over worked industry and compromising safety because it’s the easier option I’m hoping that someone in government will listen to this idea of mine. An idea that has the potential to solve the Driver Shortage & boost the economy in one hit by putting the onus on  big companies and their inefficiency.    There are literally many thousands of trucks daily in the U.K. held up for hours and hours at distribution centres needlessly. Instead of making the solution lumping more work on the already over worked professional driver put the onus on big companies to start becoming the efficie

DVLA Ruining Lives. Again.

They want ‘targeted action’ let’s give it to them What do you get if you cross the DVLA with a Union? Nothing because that would mean doing something. #Boom & indeed #Tish Hello all. After seeing a tweet today from the PCS Union gearing up for more industrial action in DVLA medical department I’m going to concentrate our campaigning on that! It is after all #DriverShortage related and I’ll return to that connected issue tomorrow. They are mindlessly destroying lives with this action at this time. The DVLA is huge and they are trying to get staff numbers PER FLOOR to single figures. As truckers we are trumpeted as ‘Key Workers’, pushed out the door and told to get on with it. The Government thinking a solution to a supposed driver shortage problem is to lump more hours on overworked drivers while ignoring this DVLA bullshit. So send me your stories of the DVLA so I can bombard the Union with this. Start giving licences levels of importance. If you’ve left a message before no need to

#DriverShortage; TAKE ACTION. SHOUT (a little)

One of the best things about the wonderful Internet world we now live in, at least for me is how connected it has made everyone. So in keeping with that spirit this is a plea to contact people in government to provide them with what I believe is a solution to the driver shortage. A solution that doesn’t load it all on drivers backs as usual. I now have a  YouTube playlist  concentrating on the #DriverShortage.  So if you can spare a few minutes I’d appreciate it if you sent this template or wrote one of your own to The Prime Minister, Transport Minister, Leader of Opposition, Shadow Transport Secretary, your local MP, Welsh FM, Scottish FM and anyone else you think might help. Here goes…… Dear       -     It’s rare that transport makes the news, even rarer that we are in the headline news but here we are. It is a giant industry that without exaggeration makes modern life possible. If people remember any long term lesson from this situation it’s that we all rely on this industry for lit

#DriverShortage; The Solution

Latest episode in what seems to be becoming a daily rant I provide a ready made solution. Someone in government or the industry needs to wake up and stop taking the piss out of us drivers. Happy viewing.

#DriverShortage; What Makes A Good Job?

Hello everyone, thanks for watching my angry rant yesterday! This is going to be a very long running issue so I’ve set up a #DriverShortage playlist on my YouTube as I’ll be returning to it. Firstly with a video I’d like to put some of your comments in. Basically what makes a good job? Money being a big part is a given but there’s plenty of shit jobs with big money. So how much you you think you should get in general? And what other things make a job good or bad? I have lots of things from my own experience and I’m interested to hear everyone else’s. Comment section on here is always open and you don’t need to sign in or you can email or contact via other social media. Have a great day all. #MyLinkTree

#DriverShortage; Are You F**king Kidding?!

Warning! This is possibly my fastest ever video upload after news earlier of a relaxing of drivers hours because of the driver ‘shortage’. I get angry and sweary! Previous video about Driver ‘shortage’-

Happy Birthday Simon x

  In my YouTube welcome vid where I show pictures from my life I craftily dropped in one of my late brother. No one has noticed as we look alike. It’s his birthday today, Happy Birthday Simon, wherever you may be. I hope I’ll see you again some day, somehow  Picture is from when he came to work at Virginia and came with me for a week so I could show him the ropes, as it was his first truck driving job (owned his own van doing parcels previously.) Virginia almost had the full Vernon set, at one point me, Simon and Dad were working for them! If that doesn’t make clear how good a company they are nothing will! They’ve had their own heartbreaking loss themselves this year. He had left by time of his passing but Virginia helped us so much it was moving & helped my grief stricken parents esp. While some companies wont repatriate their drivers who die at work Virginia helped us no end during this terrible time with a driver who no longer worked for them! It’s why I love working for family