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#DriverShortage; Open Letter To Government

Dear Political Leader,

    It’s rare that transport makes the news, even rarer that we are in the headline news but here we are. It is a giant industry that without exaggeration makes modern life possible. If people remember any long term lesson from this situation it’s that we all rely on this industry for literally everything. I live in hope.

    Instead of lumping yet more work on an already chronically over worked industry and compromising safety because it’s the easier option I’m hoping that someone in government will listen to this idea of mine. An idea that has the potential to solve the Driver Shortage & boost the economy in one hit by putting the onus on  big companies and their inefficiency.

   There are literally many thousands of trucks daily in the U.K. held up for hours and hours at distribution centres needlessly. Instead of making the solution lumping more work on the already over worked professional driver put the onus on big companies to start becoming the efficient machines they could and should be. It really is that simple. This is a U.K. problem, warehouses that take hours to load or unload you are rare on the continent, here they are standard.

   I have heard from hundreds of drivers over this government ‘solution’ and not a single one, not one at all, thinks increasing driving hours is the answer. They, we all think however it sets a dangerous precedent.

   More is in my video but basically the idea is Emergency Legislation, make inefficient companies become efficient, stop lumping all the responsibilities on an already over burdened industry which at best of times is hanging by a thread and attack inefficiency. Driver shortage solved & economy boosted. It really is that simple. 

#DriverShortage; The Solution -

Thank you for reading / diolch am ddarllen

Yours Sincerely / Yr eiddoch yn gywir

Luke Vernon, Lampeter, Ceredigion.  


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