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Our Facebook Page

Hullo chums. You may start to notice me being absent from Facebook. I made a joke about being gay……I am one after all, and they lumbered me with a frankly insane 29 day ban. What really takes the piss is someone posting homophobic comments remains unbanned and his comments live. I’ve reported no end of truly awful racist, homophobic and hateful content on there and so far I’ve had one taken down. Make a joke however and many of us get ban after ban after ban. 29 days means that’s likely the end of my time on Facebook. I already found it a often depressing place but stayed because of 33k likes but I’ll have to learn to do without for a month which means I’ll likely not come back. FUCK YOU FACEBOOK! Meta, the daft new name for Facebook, reported its first ever drop in engagement numbers and its exactly because of shit like this, they are driving people away constantly. I’ll still be online, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram (until owners Facebook ban me), LinkedIn etc. So come find me at one o

Going Global- America Bound


Whites Transport Services A Post From Pete

Hi all, This is Pete from Whites Transport.   Messaging via Luke.  Some of you are aware, some maybe not, my FB page was disabled last night. I've spent over 10 years building the page up to what is was. A lot of effort has been put into it. So much effort in fact. Keeping everyone up to date with where we go, what we do & how we do it. Sometimes I sailed close to the wind with the content I posted but I genuinely posted what I thought people would find interesting. The good, the bad & the ugly if you like, I showed you all our achievements and our failings. Yes occasionally people got upset but they were sort of people that themselves looks for upset in everything. It was all just typical transport industry humour, ‘banter’ if you like, our intentions were only ever good, we set out to make people laugh, not cry. Make friends not enemies. To say I'm gutted is an understatement, I had no warning this was coming, I was just logged out & a message to say my account wa


Blindsided by some mind blowing arrogance from Facebook this evening it led to me frankly popping this video out in the fastest time ever. They have shut the incredibly popular Whites Transport Services Facebook page down with no explanation and no right to appeal. This is disgusting behaviour by Facebook, could be seriously commercially damaging yet they don’t seem to want to listen. So if anyone has any advice please let us know.