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Whites Transport Services A Post From Pete

Hi all, This is
Pete from Whites Transport. 

Messaging via Luke. 

Some of you are aware, some maybe not, my FB page was disabled last night. I've spent over 10 years building the page up to what is was. A lot of effort has been put into it. So much effort in fact. Keeping everyone up to date with where we go, what we do & how we do it. Sometimes I sailed close to the wind with the content I posted but I genuinely posted what I thought people would find interesting. The good, the bad & the ugly if you like, I showed you all our achievements and our failings. Yes occasionally people got upset but they were sort of people that themselves looks for upset in everything. It was all just typical transport industry humour, ‘banter’ if you like, our intentions were only ever good, we set out to make people laugh, not cry. Make friends not enemies.

To say I'm gutted is an understatement, I had no warning this was coming, I was just logged out & a message to say my account was disabled with no chance of appeal. (This is a final decision was the exact wording)

A friend has a brother who works for Facebook, he is trying to help me but If I'm honest I can't see it working, Ill be extremely grateful if he can but the words (this is a final decision is all I keep thinking about)

Its possible the reason I was banned is because I don't pay FB anything, with the following I had I didn't need to sponsor posts like others do. I sold trucks worth hundredes of thousands of pounds without paying them a penny. 

Facebook community standards I think is the reason behind the ban and not because I said I was willing to sell a Kidney for 1000L of diesel - 🤣🤣

My personal account has also been disabled, I've lost all my memories of my kids when they were born, birthdays, holidays & Christmases etc etc. I had 2000 private pictures & 8000 pictures on the page, it catalogues our history & its all gone. 

I don't know if I have the energy to start another page. Maybe they won't even let me. 

I'm sure some people will be gloating about this, but a lot of people will miss my daily updates, my parking eye letters and the fact I don't give a f*ck what I say. We had a blue tick verified page, with almost 85000 followers, yet they still shut it down with no warning. 

Anyway - keeping fingers crossed. All the best - Pete 

P'S - anyone want to buy a Kidney ? 🤣

From Luke PLEASE PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE. This needs to be known about, random actions like this by Facebook could destroy a company. So please share


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