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#PicOfTheDay / #LlunADydd

So after sharing pictures non stop recently of trucks that pass through town I realised the ones most of you want to see are trucks from my career. Who while I will still snap #LampeterLorrySpotting pictures if a particularly snazzy and swish lorry comes by I’ll instead be sharing some more from my past. There’s a LOT of them so I hope you all enjoy. Recently when Whites started buying DAFs, again, many were surprised as they mistakenly thought them a solid Scania/Volvo company. But they aren’t, and they have a long history with DAFs. I think this may have been the first Whites truck I ever drove! My online memory will no doubt connect me if wrong! It looks the part but…… was a 410! As Dad would say it wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding. At the best of times DAFs are pretty feeble but this one took the biscuit. Frankly you could cook dinner in time it took to get up to limiter when heavy and I often did. Nothing like a nice steak while driving. Also from that period when an

#ThrowbackThursday; Stena & Virginia

Hello all. This throwback Thursday a picture of two of my favourite vehicles. The Scania was my first brand new lorry. Before it I was driving a V8 R500 and many thought me a bit nuts giving it up for an R440! Fact is despite my history between then and now I’ve never actually been bothered that much by big power, to me it was all about giving up a 4 year old lorry for a brand new one. I’ve also been unashamedly a lover of new vehicles, old trucks are interesting but I don’t want to drive one every day! And I imagine many that think they want to wouldnt last 50 miles! Common ailment in this industry - rose tinted specs! Also in the picture is my all time favourite ferry, which is saying a lot when you consider I’ma ferry nut! Virginia used to have this parcel run from UKMail. We’d arrive and park on bay in the afternoon/evening, have our rest then leave in the early hours to head to Holyhead for the HSS. Only ever a handful of trucks on them as they were expensive so only suitable for

#TruckingTopTips; Toolbox Tip

Hello all. Here we have a little Top Tips video about an item that popped into my head earlier, I’m sure many do this already but if case they don’t here we go. Thank you from the bottom of Bertie for the continuing donations. Just waiting on the DVLA at this stage-   Looking for more LinkedIn connections so feel free to add me- P.s - yes it’s got music! A generic copyright free ditty that is often used but it’s music. If anyone wants to write me a jingle that would be amazing!

#Bertie: Words of Profoundity

Bertie is adamant I start posting some of his profound statements so here’s the first. Words that are incredibly moving and wise I think you’ll agree. Words we can all learn something from.  


#ThrowbackThursday One of my favourite lorries Dad ever had. This was on a run to Madrid. She actually got more interest than the just out SuperSpaceCab would have being a Leyland cabbed DAF, super rare over there and Leyland DAF name almost unknown. I always loved the look of the Roadtrain and they looked great with the Leyland DAF grille. Complete with our ferry ticket I found the other day! DJ were new to international work and only really dallied with it, I noticed ticket was on Mansel Davies account, a company we’d both end up working for 20 years later, and they borrowed a DKV card from local coach company, Davies Bros! The place I started my driving career a couple of years after this! West Wales Transport is a small world!

Hold On To Your Motherf****ng Hats

Happy hump day, it’s all downhill from here on in! Just sharing a new YouTube welcome video I made. The pictures are fast as I wanted to insert max number of pics I could into under a minute! Most came from my Facebook page so all already out there, the ones that didnt were the TK Maxx, Sainsburys, Tesco etc.


Hello everyone, hope all are well. Some old pics for this weeks #TopTrucksTuesday, probably my favourite of the special edition Scanias, the Dark Diamond. So photogenic and this one at Whites was Dark Diamond number one. I also did it’s last trip for them, Italy. I did know where it ended up going but I can’t remember! It was almost impossible to take a bad picture of it but these are my favourites. Scania sure did know how to make a pretty special edition. They seem to have given up on them of late. UPDATE- Seems it’s just changed owners again

Charles Footman Memorial Page

Thanks everyone for your kind words about Charles Footman. He passed from Motor Neurone Disease. His family thanks you all for all the kind comments posted.

Sort Your F****** Attitude Out!

Hello one and all. A follow up to the video I posted the other day this one is aimed at new drivers! Have a great weekend all.  


 Hello all. I hope the week has treated you all well as we head into another weekend. Just a handful of #LampeterLorrySpotting this week. Have a great weekend.   We are surrounded by forests here and forest men (or women!) know how to spec a truck. Stan Archer and Dads former employer Danny Williams most common. I really like this little snap, perfect little working Trucks picture

#ThrowbackThursday; Clarkes of London / Nolan Transport

Rare those two names in the title will ever have been written together and even rarer a picture of their vehicles together! Dad had my youngest brother Sam with him when he was in Smithfield Market so I popped round for a chat! A feature of mine and Dads working lives when I finally got to join him at Nolans and at all the other companies we followed each other round to, right up to now and MDS. Sam pictured (you can just see me in driving seat of coach in my uniform) now has his own beautiful two children and lovely wife and is in his 30’s. He’s a mechanic, just as Dad was for first half of his career. I tried to go down that route but my heart wasn’t in it, at all. So while my two years as an apprentice means I can do quite a lot, badly, a mechanic for a brother means I don’t have to! It’s funny to think that at this time Dad was the age I am now! Undecided yet if time flying by is a good or a bad thing! Does it fly by because our lives have been filled to bursting with enjoying life

#TopTruckTuesday; Charles Footman

Decided on a beautiful old vintage lady* for this weeks #TopTrucksTuesday out of respect because as you will know Mr Footman passed away a few days ago. Surprisingly few pictures online of Footman trucks, struck me very much as a company to not be one of the ‘look at me’ crowd, unlike many of us these days! (Yes I’m a member of the look at me crowd, obviously!   *I grabbed these pictures off Google. If they are yours and you want me to credit you (or take down) pop me an email  

Drop The F**king Attitude

Hello all. Little cross between a Top Tips and Talking Point video. I promise it’s not as ranty as the title makes it sound. Have a great week one and all

Farewell Mr Footman

Sad to note well known local transport man Charles Footman has passed away. Many of you will recognise his trucks, often with a flat behind them. Very old school company and all the better for it. Condolences to his family. Rest in Peace Sir

#LampeterLorrySpotting; Spring Into May

Ahoy ahoy to my regular blog visitors. All 3 of them. Was four but sadly one passed away last week at 101. Why do the good always die young? God bless dear Miss Eucalyptus McGarnagle, you’ll be missed. Hope Friday finds you well and enjoying sun. Here’s this weeks #LampeterLorrySpotting pictures and in link a video you may have missed when uploaded. Talking about electric trucks. Have a great rest of day and a spiffing weekend. Bertie says ‘they can all eat cat s**t for all I care’. Words of wisdom I think we can all agree.  My email is always open to requests for help/advice, opinions and let’s face it abuse. Also need more pics for Kids Corner and nominations of trucks for #TopTrucksTuesday -  đŸ’ Social Media & YouTube Links  đŸšš Donations  đŸ’š

#ThrowbackThursday; The Londoners

Happy Thursday one and all. I’ve started to really enjoy these trots down memory lane, when I’m not shocked at the amount of time that has passed! My first driving job was on buses in West Wales, home, at large local operator Davies Bros. They did a wide variety of work so I expected to be there a few years until I got a truck driving job, working my way up to international tours. The bottom fell out of that plan when they went bust & were promptly taken over by First Bus. I had no interest in working at First at the time so when someone showed me an advert for a company called The Londoners in, you’ve guessed it, London I rang up. I went down for an interview. Like an idiot I drove a V8 Range Rover at time so that was no small investment! They had a small yard behind some houses in Peckham! Brabourn Grove, it’s a small industrial estate now. Being a forward thinking coach company and not trucking they saw me being a 21/22 year old local bus driver from Wales and said ‘when can you

Trucking Talking Points; Is Electric The Answer

How do peeps. Everything has taken a bit of a back seat because of the live-streaming of Euro Truck Simulator so I thought that needed correcting. So please enjoy this opinion video where I do some talking at you about electric trucks, always a joy I know. Always enjoy others views so feel free to comment. Top Tips videos will return within the next week!  

#TopTruckTuesday; BM Transport

Hullo friends. Hope everyone got though the awful weather on the bank holiday unscathed. This weeks top Truck is this great looking machine. BM Trucks are always immaculately turned out and it’s an interesting fleet, a great variety of trucks, like this big T, instead of all Scania, doing a great variety of unusual work too with a lot of it being flat work.  Driven by Jesse Moseley who’s pictures they are. One of my favourite fleets and it’s been enjoyable watching them grow over the years. Don’t know much about them so if anyone wants to comment let me know and I’ll add it here. Have a great day all (Also every Tuesday is top truck feature, if you want your lorry to appear let me know, otherwise I’ll just pick random ones Ive seen online) Jesse Instagram BM Transport Facebook My Links email - (always open to all for help/advice/questions etc)