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Looking To The Future……..

So, here goes then! I’m a LinkedIn novice, having spent a lifetime as a driver! Background- after a serious car accident in 2020 that very nearly killed me I started thinking about the future, as you do when you came so close to not having one! Driving was my dream job, I’ve driven so many things from minibuses and coaches to trucks & vans and even plant machiny like articulated dumper trucks & diggers in a career that crossed 20+ countries in Europe from Portugal to Hungary to Norway to Finland to Ireland and everywhere in between so many times over a near 25 year career.. I had the time of my life, it was amazing, but…… I’ve done all I dreamed of. My CV looks ridiculous because I wanted to experience everything, which I did. But this has left me wondering what’s next? Do I simply repeat everything over the next 20 years. Which would be easy but not fulfilling or do I strike out on a new path? I’m choosing the latter.   I’m incredibly experienced as a driver but obviously not