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Top Trucks No. 3

This is number 3 in my top truck countdown, as if anyone is interested in my waffle. So back in 2014 Volvo Trucks launched their new innovation, the Dual Clutch, basically it means seemless power transmission as it can pre engage the next gear meaning the revs don’t need to drop. As you’ll know I’m a huge fan of autos so this seemed rather exciting to me. I mentioned online about how much I wanted to drive one but that it may be a while as it was a cost extra. At this point Martin Tomlinson at Volvo Trucks UK messaged me to ask if I’d like their demonstrator for a week. You can guess my excitement! I got even more excited when Whites Transport Services Ltd who I was going to be using it for gave me a run to Italy, the Alps being the ultimate test for any vehicle. So, off we went max weight with a fridge full of lambs. Being a demonstrator from HQ meant this had every conceivable extra fitted and it was fantastic! The dual clutch turned out even better than expected. Not having to drop

The Return of the Blog!

So as you’ll know now directs to my shop, meaning my blog is no longer visible so I’ve made a new one and here we are! Woop woop!