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You chums, welcome to my first sponsored blog post! As you'll be aware I do love a clean lorry so with this in mind the kind gentleman at Chrome Northwest in Middlewich asked if I'd like to pop in for a wash and pick up some products to try, so naturally I jumped at the chance!                                            The soap he used to clean the truck was totes amazeballs! The truck was filthy and the final result you see there is without putting a brush to the truck. Amazing stuff indeed! He then gave me a big goody box of stuff to try! So I shall be trying the various items and reporting back to you. Currently in Heysham and went round the truck with the spray on wax. Its brilliant stuff, called Lucas Slickmist. Put a beautiful shine on the cab and side skirts so that'll be a favourite from now on. Also the Pink (how apt ;-) ) one step cleaner is great on the dash and the plastic parts. Seems to repel dust very well and leaves a


Hello everyone, hope you're all well. I'd just like to say one more thank you for all the wonderful kind messages and the amazing amount of money you've raised in my brothers memory. The funeral went well last week, well as well as a funeral could. The whole family have been so pleased with the money raised. As a little aside at the pub after the funeral where we had lots of pictures of Simon so I asked young Ellie which was her favourite picture of her Dad and after thinking and looking at them all she choose the one I took of him driving my lorry, the one on the charity page. That made a smile, and cry a bit. You never know how important a picture is going to be till later, my whole family hate me taking pictures of them! But thankfully I do it anyway. I'm going to get it made up and framed for her bedroom. Anyway thank you. If you've sent me a message or commented I will get round to replying, as you can imagine its all been a bit chaotic. I'm planning on nor