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A little update

Thanks one and all for the nice comments about the latest video. The next one will be sometime in mid October and be a bit of travel and cooking. In the meantime here's a short picture update from last weeks trip back to Vienna. A rather fine old lady still working. I love driving these old beasts. Another oldie. Can't say I'm a Ford fan but this was immaculate and it's nice to see modern classics like this. This was a damn good looking machine. Didn't stop so I couldn't get a better pic. It was just nice and simple. Tipping in UK. Thought this twas a fine selection of 440's! I rather like the graffiti in the dirt on this one! What exactly is this 'ghost' road under the toll end of the Dartford Crossing? And finally not exactly work related but I was quite taken with this old lady. She's a waffle van! Have a spiffing week all. ONWARD!

Second and final part of Liverpool-Vienna-London

Howdy doodles one and all. Here we have the final part, I do hope you enjoys peeps. Don't forget feel free to leave comments below ONWARD.....

The Next Instalment

Good eventide. It's wet and miserable here in Austria tonight. Just to let you know I've just completed the next instalment of Liverpool-Vienna-London. As it turns out it's the last bit, but it is 30 minutes long. It'll be uploaded at the weekend. Never fear I'm planning the next video in my head already. It'll be another cab cooking one. I've a lovely Nigella recipe i want to do (this may be the campest sentence I've ever written!). Also I might revisit the training/tips/how to videos in the near future. Just basic stuff like operating a fridge and so on and so forth. Let me know what you think and what you'd like to see in the comments below if you like. Have a good evening all. To keep you occupied here's a pic of a rather smart looking FH16 700. Can't be many rigid/drawbar 700's. I like the clouds in the windscreen on this pic Toodles.... ONWARD!

Port of Liverpool

Good morning. I was in said port this morning picking up a trailer to go to Austria again and upon my exit was handed this note. It appears that the asylum seekers are now desperate to leave the country! Either that or it's Brits trying to escape to a better life! Either way it raised a chuckle when I read it. Get on the wrong ship and you be at sea for weeks. ONWARD!

New video, new video, shout it from the rooftops, NEW VIDEO!

Good day to you one and all. I hope life finds you well. Here we have a new video, the first part of a series of I don't know how many. More than likely 3. As you can see my videos have been getting progressively longer since YouTube started allowing me longer videos. I'm not sure how long I'm allowed to go but this one is over 25 minutes so it's like a proper tv programme and everything. Well apart from the fact it's badly made! So anyhow I shall stop rambling now and I do hope you enjoy. And don't forget it's easy to leave comments below so do feel free, good or bad. Although I'm likely to delete the bad, for the sake of my ego! I'm rambling again. Good Times.......

Good Morrow

Howdy doodle people's, I hope all is well with your good-selves. Apologies for the lack of a weekly update at the weekend. The reason being is I didn't take many pictures last week as the trip to Austria was the subject of a video. Please be patient though as I'm very busy at the moment and I think it'll be a long one. I'm in the last couple of weeks of this years Open University course so I need to concentrate on that at the moment, but once that's over I've several free months till the next course starts in February. I can't wait, I am really enjoying the course and am glad I'm doing it but it leaves me very little free time so the break will be nice. Anyhow have a great week all, I hope the high winds are not causing too much of a problem. I'm now off to brave them in a 4.6 metre empty curtainsider. Toodles. ONWARD.

Not much going on

How do. Not much to say this week. But I promised an update so here it is goddamit. Had the weekend off to collect my new insane car and a friends insane dog that my parents are looking after. He's lovely, just a bit mad, and greedy! As you can see I've 'Lukeified' it already with new numberplates, my lorry driver sticker and rally tags. Got back to work to find that some driver decided a good way to park is to ram his lorry into the back of mine! No damage though apart from a mark on the airtanks. Saw this old lady this week in/near Purfleet. Does she still work? Was taxed and looked like a worker. I know of plenty of drivers who have a wet dream over this old girl!! She'd be worth silly money in Ireland. And an Astran trailer, pulled by a Seymour unit. Astran have such a high profile name they don't make enough of it. After all here I am posting a picture of, let's be honest, as scabby old trailer just because it's Astran. Doing the Middle East was my

Foo Fighters

How do people's. I wouldn't normally put up random YouTube vids but I love the Foo Fighters and this is hilarious. They use a Queen track, the legend that was Freddie Mercury would have been 65 on Monday, and they play truckers, hence it turning up here. Enjoy. Oh and btw it's uncensored so look away if you can't cope with 'hot buns'!