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Hello friends, new video when I get the chance I promise. Anyhow I want to talk about parking, a subject close to any trampers heart. Im in Germany now, I ran up to Venlo last night, now as anyone who does Europe will tell you the Venlo border crossing is one of the busiest border crossings into Germany from Holland so naturally the road is very busy. The services on this road are fairly small and often trucks spill out onto entrance and exit slip roads. The Dutch have done what the British have done in busy service areas and placed bollards to stop this hard shoulder parking, but that's where the similarities end. Parking in the UK for trucks is an utter disgrace. We have services areas prepared to rip us off at every turn and for most now it costs £20 to £25 a night to park a truck, which I think is an obscene amount. Even in Kent, which is incredibly busy, what do we have? One services with utterly pathetically small parking, Maidstone, Medway which is slightly bigger, Ashford T