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Let’s Build A Business!

  Hullo Chumtickles. So, my thought on my new merchandise shop and the potential to make it a proper business since it seems I can’t get a job despite applying! Thoughts welcome. Thank you for buying merchandise and thank you for the donations and thank you for Patreon members that keep me (Bertie) feed. Have a great week all. #Merchandise Shop   My Links   Donations, thank you so much x 

Merchandise On It’s Way!

Hullo Chums. The first batch of merchandise is on its way, woop woop! I’ve reinvested shop takings in some new material. Didn’t even realise printable magnetic sheets were a thing till I saw in my lovely local craft shop! Also got some clear acetate to print on so potentially window stickers will be in shop soon, just have to experiment. If you ordered something thank you so very much. It’s been the one of the most rewarding weeks I’ve had in years sorting all this out, I’ve found an amazing hobby here. Looking next into producing caps and t-shirts, hopefully I can afford the equipment (£69) before Christmas from sales so BUY NOW! #ONWARD! STORE

#LampeterLorrySpotting 25/11/21

Prynhawn Da / Good Afternoon friends, a truck spotting bonanza today. Ive been into photography my whole life but only ever trucks I’m driving, but post couple of years has given me a new hobby! Can’t wait to I have a car so I can do some in other places, like the Mach Loop. Thanks to those of you who’ve bought merchandise.  


Michael McLaughlins Volvo FH v1

Hullo all. Like most of us these days I spend an inordinate amount of time online, esp since I’m married to my sofa currently so I see a lot of truck pictures. A LOT! Some amazing trucks out there but this one shared on LinkedIn this week blew me away. Freshly restored, beautifully standard. As you know I’m not a fan at all of spot lights and bars, if you are and it’s what makes you happy go for it, but it often feels like I’m the odd one out. So when one like this comes along she almost stands out more for what is not on her. Plus I love a flat top lorry! Probably I think with the black Leyland Interstate on the show scene my favourite classic Truck. The colour is insane! The owner Michael from Coleraine has been a follower from the start it turns out so you never know I may see her in the flesh at some point as I’m hoping to do a trip to Ireland in first half of next year. The brilliant pictures are by Dav

New Phone Who Dis?

Thanks to my wonderful mother I’ve a new phone as an early Christmas present (I’m still poverty striken! She didn’t pay full price is with contact!) so from an iPhone XS, four years old, longest I’ve ever owned a phone but served me very well, I’ve jumped to an iPhone 13 and lord what a jump. So seemless to set up as your new phone, 15 minutes later and you’ve got an almost exact copy. Used to take longer to put all the numbers in a Nokia! What I love most about Apple is the evolution not revolution outlook, so everything looks same but is just better. Not least the camera. First and last pics taken straight out of my pocket, in 2 seconds and unedited, it’s insane. When I started my photography journey in the school dark room you’d need a stack of very expensive equipment to produce shots half as good as this. So yeah, my content quality will be improving vastly, not least visually but sound too as my XS mic was. EDIT; To add, yes before you start I know Android does some things better

Driver CPC Training Advice

  Hello professionals! Looking for advice. Planning to set myself up as a driver CPC trainer. Currently the best option seems to be join a consortium which will lead to a ready made course rather than writing one yourself. Or buying ready made courses and adapting them. Any recommendations? Or even job offers as I’d happily hold courses as part of a training company. Email is best 

#LifeUpdate; Is The End In Sight? Maybe?

Hullo chums. I hope everyone’s weekend is going well. Just a short video update to keep you up to speed should you be interested. Have a great rest of weekend.   Buy me a coffee

#LampeterLorrySpotting; Photodump

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