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So the other day I read something about someone ordering dual clutch Volvos in Truckstop news so I tweet how I'd love a go in one, and low and behold just over a week later Volvo have Lent me one for two weeks and it was in yard waiting for me in return for reviewing it. So I'll do a written and video review once I've given it back but first impressions are- Oh. My. God! What a machine, the dual clutch is a work of genius, the power is seemless with only a slight pause between high and low boxes, the variable steering is really useful and the infotainment touchscreen is loaded with apps, spotify, web browser, deezer, tune in etc, DAB radio and TomTom truck and all works so well. Obviously cost options I imagine but this is the first truck I've ever driven that makes me wish I ran a lorry of my own so I could buy one! Previously I considered the S Series Scania the best truck on the road currently but in my opinion at least it's been swept aside by this beauty! She&#