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Lukes Weekly Listening w/e 16th of June 

Hello chums. Second installment of my weekly listening post. I was on holiday with a friend in America last week and thankfully for £5 a day Vodafone let me use my phone as if I'm in UK, so we drove around streaming 6 Music & Radio 4. Firstly the Today Programme. In my humble opinion it is the best news programme out there. The joys of iplayer meant we could listen as we set off in morning. If I don't listen to at least an hour my day feels off kilter. Radio 4 Today Programme 21/6/17  (This is today's) Farming Toda y - Another programme I love which is on before Today is Farming Today. If you have any interest in the world around you and what we eat you'll enjoy your 15 minute daily segment  Tweet of the Day  - Who else but Radio 4 would create a little slot called Tweet or the Day and make it about bird sounds!   The Untold  - The Untold is often great, though I find Grace Dents whisper somewhat irritating Our Man in the Middle East  - Our Man in the Middle East is

Lukes Weekly Listening List w/e 4th June 2017

Hello chums, hope today finds everyone well. This is a new idea, I spend my days listening mostly to the radio and am always on the lookout for new programmes or music to listen to, esp radio drama. So I'm going to post links to stuff that I've enjoyed each week. If you heard anything not mentioned that you'll think I'll like please feel free to tell me in the comments. Also feel free to review the content I've linked to.  DICK FRANCIS, PROOF, BBC R4 Extra The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my very favourite stories, this version is particularly good - THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO BBC R4 Extra Charles Dickens is always a welcome listen - CHARLES DICKENS Something more modern. This is a beautiful tale -  THE CURIOSITY CABINET Tommies based during WW1 is a great piece of radio - TOMMIES Home Front too - HOME FRONT Anyone who's followed me any length of time will know how much I love The Archers! Linnet running soap IN THE WORLD! - THE ARCHERS Just A Minute and News