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#DriverShortage; The Reasons

  Re IR35- Lorry drivers spouting IR35 constantly like they’re a tax lawyer. Funny how the Tories brought in a new tax law meaning some would end up paying more (the low tax party?) at exactly same time as Brexit. I wonder why. Not like people want to blame it all on tax shy foreigners…...     Buy me a coffee

BBC Wales Wants To Talk To Drivers

BBC Wales is running a feature on the reasons behind the shortage of HGV drivers and we’re looking to speak to drivers about the situation at the coal face. We’re keen to speak to someone who has just entered the industry and someone who has been in it for a while and seen things change. It will a filmed piece and you would need to be identified. Please let Luke know if you are interested. Kind regards  Diolch. Email me and I’ll forward your details    Buy me a coffee

#LampeterLorrySpotting; W/E 29/08/21 Some Pictograms

Hullo friends. Just a few #LampeterLorrySpotting pictures to share today. What I shall do is a weekly post with the most recent pictures, shall add to this till Sunday then next week shall be a new one. Livestock lorry I was annoyed I saw too late so just snapped what I could but entirely by accident the end result was brilliant, well I think it is. The white Scanias driver messaged me on Instagram to tell me she was passing, I love the result. Hope you enjoy.  Also just to note if you drive/own/etc any truck I photograph and want an unmarked copy pop me an email and I’ll send it! Also if you know you’ll end passing through and want a picture pop me an email. Can’t guarantee I’ll be free but most of time I am. Have a great day   Buy me a coffee

#DayInTheLife; New Series Coming Soon!

Hello blog chums. Excitedly have the first of my #DayInTheLife videos arranged. In a sector of the industry that I have no experience of at all it will be super interesting to me even if not you! You’ll have to wait to see what! (Pic unrelated) but should be up within the next two weeks. In the meantime you’ll get the odd random bit of #DriverShortage nonsense and the final part of the Milkward video diary. Picture unrelated!  If you would like to host me for a #DayInTheLife……… video pop me an email. Doesn’t have to be driving, want to cover all jobs within transport, so office, yard, workshop etc and you can talk as much or as little or not at all, frankly I can talk the hind legs off a donkey. Also you do need to get permission from your employer if that’s not you. When asking point out that the last word on what goes out rests with you and them. Nothing would be used without permission. Needs to be within West Wales for now while I can’t drive. It’s a very exci

#DriverShortage; More Stupidity (+ Life Update)

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#DriverShortage; New Video Midday Sunday

Good evening all. I hope your weekend is going to plan. Just to say there will be a new #DriverShortage video midday tomorrow talking about the proposed driving test changes and a life and DVLA update (nothing overly exciting alas). For now here’s some recent pictures of evil juggernauts thundering through town piloted by lunatics. #Shocking. Have a good evening chums     Buy me a coffee

#ThrowbackThursday; Sort Of…….

I used to work for this lads uncle, Pete Lloyd as an apprentice forestry engineer (My second full time job, nearly 25 years ago), This chap was a young child at time! I’m Feeling old! Not an owner driver, he has several lorries I believe, and his Dad Steve is/was(?) a forestry contractor with amazing Ponsse machines and you’d often find me laying in mud in a Welsh forest servicing them. Trust me, a harvester has A LOT of oil! *I got the sack from Pete after I had a week off to do my Transport Managers CPC! ‘You clearly don’t see your long term future in forestry!’ and he was right and it was fair enough. It kicked started my driving career, my next job was a bus driver for Davies Bros (Pencader) Ltd. (Davies Bros were my first job out of school as an apprentice mechanic) Sorry went on a bit there Thanks for watching the new video.   NOTE:- If you’re driver or owner of any truck I photograph and want a copy without wa

#TruckingDiaries; Milkward Ep2 ‘The Ring of Doom’

Hello friends, hope everyone is well on this overcast evening. As promised the latest video. However in a test I gave people who donated a 48 hour preview! Just as saying thank you in a very small way and a test for the future memberships I’m thinking about setting up. YouTube and BuyMeACoffee both allow memberships, basically being able to support people you follow with a small monthly payment. membership will be early access to videos as here, exclusive members only videos (not Berties OnlyFans), some merchandise when I can afford to have it made so maybe a couple of stickers and a pen or some such, discounts on merchandise I sell, advert free videos if you watch in the members 48 hour preview period, a personalised video message of your choice from Bertie (or me if you’re a weirdo) so say a happy birthday, good luck etc and members only regular livestreams. Does this sound like a good deal? Anything else you’d like to see added? What do you think and and how muc

#TruckingDiaries; Next Video Tomorrow

New video up at 1800 in the morrow (6pm Wednesday).  Unless you’ve sent a Buy Me A Coffee donation in which case you have a link to an early preview in your email already. An attempt at saying thank you in some small way. Will do this more often including for the next video. Don’t worry it’s all still free it’s just a 48 hour early viewing. Looking to set up memberships soon. How much would you consider as a monthly membership fee? Be honest, and I know many won’t want to be members and that’s fine everyone is free to do what they wish! Also just to remind you nothing that’s free currently will become charged.  The membership will be in addition to what I do currently. So members only videos and pictures, hoping to get some merchandise sorted so will at least come with a couple of stickers/key rings/pens etc and a personalised Bertie video, or from me but I imagine Berties will be more in demand. Things like happy birthday, anniversary, new job etc.  Thanks for the ALL* the support eve

2002; A Rose Between Two Thorns

My old pictures seem to be very popular so just a plug for some writing I did for Truck & Driver Magazine . I’ve written about my path to becoming a lorry driver and the reasons I am. Coming up in an issue soon with plenty of pictures. (I’ll let you know when I know which it is) Have a great week all /  cael penwythnos da . Latest video diary up tomorrow Our LinkTree   Support Me & Bertie A rose between two thorns’ ๐Ÿ˜‚ 2002 this was taken, not sure where.    Buy me a coffee

Happy Weekend / Bon Weekend / Penwythnos Hapus

Good afternoon all. Hope everyone’s weekend is a splendid and joyous affair. Mine is, I’m doing roast pork later. Just a couple of pictures- Waiting to load Tesco Brillo pads in Madrid in the nineties. Got there early and chap kept shouting ‘ocho, ocho! maรฑana. Ocho. Maรฑana. Ocho!’ to an increasingly bewildered man and his son. They’d gone home by time we worked out he meant 8 in morning! This was only something like Dads 3rd or 4th trip abroad and my second (first for both of us was Germany). Like me Dad has always enjoyed variety and in that job one week he could be delivering to Madrid the next he’s hauling logs off a Welsh mountain. Have a great weekend one and all and thank you for watching my rambles. Berties Chop Fund     Buy me a coffee

Stop Looking Down On The Young!

  After my latest interaction with morons on Facebook I needed to get something off my annoyingly ample manboobs, the prevailing attitude to the young in this industry. This is ONLY aimed at the sorts of drivers I mention who thankfully seem to be a minority. Most other older drivers are mostly acceptable, some even worth saying hello to. ๐Ÿคช Bertie says thank you for the pork chops, the meat he’s eating. Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing. And donations. To pay for the aforementioned chops.   Buy me a coffee