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#DayInTheLife; New Series Coming Soon!

Hello blog chums. Excitedly have the first of my #DayInTheLife videos arranged. In a sector of the industry that I have no experience of at all it will be super interesting to me even if not you! You’ll have to wait to see what! (Pic unrelated) but should be up within the next two weeks. In the meantime you’ll get the odd random bit of #DriverShortage nonsense and the final part of the Milkward video diary.

Picture unrelated! 
If you would like to host me for a #DayInTheLife……… video pop me an email. Doesn’t have to be driving, want to cover all jobs within transport, so office, yard, workshop etc and you can talk as much or as little or not at all, frankly I can talk the hind legs off a donkey. Also you do need to get permission from your employer if that’s not you. When asking point out that the last word on what goes out rests with you and them. Nothing would be used without permission. Needs to be within West Wales for now while I can’t drive.

It’s a very exciting series to embark on as the possibilities are endless. Plus I can concentrate more on shooting. Don’t hold your breath though if you’re expecting them to be slick and professional. That’s unlikely still! 

Have a great week all.

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