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Happy Movember all

Movember is now upon us so here is a pic of my hideous naked face before I cultivate an interesting moustache in the name of charidee. £210 raised already, great stuff and thanks all.

I've cone over all worthy, in aid of Movember Hello internet people. I hope this day finds you well. As you will have seen in my videos I'm very much a fan of facial hair. I generally sport a beard, very occasionally a moustache. So I thought since Movemeber is approaching I would start growing some facial fuzz for a good cause. As truck drivers we are often worse than most at looking after our health, what with an often poor diet and very unsociable hours. I'm as guilty of neglecting my health sometimes as anyone. So please sponsor me for this very good cause, I will of course post updates and pictures on both here and my Movemeber site. I've started the ball rolling by donating £50 but any amount would do and be very gratefully recieved, so please please donate.

More video buffoonery

Good morning friends. Part 2 of Vernons Vehicles & Vittles is upon us for your delight and delectation, or dismay and dispair, whichever you prefer. Have a good weekend all.

Vernons Vehicles & Vittels

Hello peeps. Sorry for the lack of updates of late. Here be another video, they have become a sort of a hybrid of driving and cooking, so I hope this meets your approval. Feel free to comments below.

Hello Possible New Visitors!

How do one and all. Due to a bit of self promotion I did, one of the few things I'm good at, I may have a few more visitors to the site this week. So here is a couple of old videos to entertain them. Well hopefully. It's also to give an example of the idiotic stuff I do, I ramble a lot in the videos although the Sweden one I'm posting was my first video and a fairly straight forward one, I was yet to develop my daft on video personality. Here also is the one where I cook a Nigella Lawson recipe in my lorry. I like cooking and food and these cooking ones have become quite popular for some reason. I'm sort of out to prove that just because I live in a truck doesn't mean I eat crap. So please enjoy and for the regulars a brand new video will be up later in the week, hopefully. Toodles P.s. There are more videos below, a Facebook page to your right >>> and just below that a link to my YouTube channel. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location: Rath Rd,,Uni

Weekly update

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I've finally got a new charger for my camera. But still without an iPhone which I'm finding difficult! So anyway I'm going to do a cooking video this weekend which should be up during next week sometime. I'm tied to wifi spots until I get my iPhone back so not sure what day I'll get it uploaded. But at least I've got my camera back. Can't believe how much I missed taking pictures. So here's just one for you, currently sat waiting to get on the boat in Liverpool. A good breakfast awaits, well, a breakfast. Toodles all - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location: Shore Rd,Southport,United Kingdom
Since the blog will be low on pictures for a week or two while I wait for my phone to be replaced I thought I'd pst some of my favourites from the past year to try and maintain your interest in my little site! The first year of my new R440, Holly! We start with Hollys birthday last week, I thought I'd mark the occasion since I was in the yard with a picture of her next to her mother Doris, a '97 Streamline In the mountains of Snowdonia with a UK Mail trailer earlier this year I quite like the contrast between dark and light on this one! Listen to me sounding all arty! In a warehouse, how exciting! Early morning in the yard washing and fuelling I was on the company Christmas card last year! Outside my parents house last Christmas Parked up on the motorway in Belgium 2 days before Christmas because the police wouldn't let trucks move, arghhhhh Proper filthy! Parked up on the M25 last December! It took some getting out at 4am I can tell you, but we did it. Dirty and dark i

Not much going on

Good evening/night/morning/afternoon* all. Hope life finds you all well. Not much happening of interest in the past week, plus as well as my iPhone being away for repair for the next couple of weeks I've lost the camera charger so I'm afraid the site will be a bit low on pictures for a while. On the plus side I'm putting together a video which should be sorted for next week. Anyhow it's been a bit of a sad week for me, Steve Jobs was a hero of mine. I don't have many heroes but he was certainly one. He changed the world and was/is a massive inspiration. So it's a very truck free update this week I'm afraid. It was my birthday today and I made my first cake! In the shape of the Apple logo in memory of the Big J. This was a great piece of design from a 19 year old design student in Hong Kong And finally the great man himself, I like this picture So sorry for bombarding you with Apple stuff. Normal service will be resumed shortly. *delete as applicable - Poste

YouTube ads and Facebook page

Good morning everybody from a damp and overcast Northern Ireland. Just a couple of things to mention. First of all is adverts. I dislike adverts on websites, especially ones like this which is just a little blog, which is why you won't see any. But they have appeared on a couple of my YouTube videos and I shall tell you why. Gather round children! It's because of the music. The music in the videos is of course not mine, so instead of YouTube pulling the videos, which they can and do, they pop adverts on them. So normally if a video maker wants to 'monetise' (I hate that word) their videos they get 55% cut with YouTube taking 45%. With these ads the relevant record companies get my share. Which is good, I'd much prefer that to the videos being taken down so it's all good. Also for those of you that haven't yet seen it this site now has it's own Facebook page. If you look to the right you can see a link to it, you can like it without leaving this page, so

Hello from sunny Portsmouth

Good day to one and all. Not an overly exciting week from a blog update point of view but nevertheless I've a few pictures. I hope life finds you all well and your enjoying the weather. I for one think the weather is insane and want autumn to hurry up! I want cold crisp days. Started the week by loading coils of steel wire. Too ages to strap down 11 rolls. I was using 2 straps on each whereas everyone else was using one. It just seemed to me that one didn't look enough. Plus of course you can always under strap something, but never over strap it. Did a short one to France this week. Tip and reload Le Mans. Shipped there and back on Brittany Ferries Portsmouth Caen route. Brittany are one of my favourite ferry companies. A lot of drivers don't like them as we have to pay for food but I've always said I'd rather pay a bit for good food than get crap for free. And the food is very good. Plus finally they've learnt how to fry eggs! Just got on boat here on Saturday