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Just a picture

Hello chums. Just wanted to share this pic, my beautiful lorry in front of my favourite ferry (yes I've a favourite ferry). Bertie was out visiting Colonel Sanders....

The inaugral #ONWARD>>> Spotify Playlist

#ONWARD>>> No. 1 Playlist So, hello chums. As promised here we have my first playlist. A selection of fairly new tracks hopefully some that you won't have heard of before. This will become a regular thing, once I have enough new tracks that I love I will make a new album length playlist for you. And thats the key, I need to love them. I won't share any tracks I 'just sort of like'. I'm obsessed with music so there is a lot of stuff I really love, so here goes, #ONWARD>>> 1. We Are Augustines - Book of James This is a great track, and a great album. A 6 Music favourite.  It's not a new track it came out last year but I thought it a good one to start with as I really love it.  2. Athletes in Paris - Echoes Louder Than Voices I heard this track on Saturday night for the first time on Tom Robinsons show on 6. I loved it from the first listen, his really strong Geordie accent really sounds great. It's good to hear people singin

Spotify Playlists

Good Sunday. Hope life finds you well, just finishing a break in Canterbury then heading down to Dover for the ferryboat then #ONWARD>>> to Lyon. Anyhow to get to the point how many of you use Spotify? As many of you may be aware I'm a massive massive music fan and a few people often ask about tracks played in my videos. So what would you think if I did a Spotify playlist every now and again and posted it. I'd love to share the music I'm into. It would be mostly new exciting stuff I've discovered via the medium of 6 Music. You could also make some and post them on the Facebook page. So what do you think? Would anyone listen?! I know my music taste is seen as terrible by some of you but a few others seem to like it! #ONWARD>>>

Multidrop Trundlings

Multidrop trundlings is where I go about two days doing 8 drops. Bit of UK work for a change. I mostly used my little Looxcie camera that fits over my ear for this one, let me know what you think. Th mic isnt great and I didn't realise I move my head so much but I do quite like the viewpoint. I've bought a windscreen mount for it for the future. The lorry driver top tips will return soon!

Chosen Charities

Thank you everyone for voting for a charity for the proceeds of the store. The winners are Cancer Research and the Irish Cancer Society which will get half each. I shall post the receipts on here. I will probably change the charity after 3 months. So far we've raised £52 so thank you so much to everyone that has bought something. #ONWARD>>>

I met Radcliffe and Maconie this evening.

They were lovely and they remembered my Chain appearance! Amazing times indeed.


Hello friends. I was hoping to finish the filming for the latest Top Tips video today but I started my weekly rest early so couldn't. I promise you'll get one next week. I PROMISE! So here's a couple of pics. Had a lovely weekend at my parents last weekend and met the little addition to the family, Mabel the Labrador puppy. Also gave Holly a good spring clean. Shes also got her name on the front now. Also a pic of our newly sign written trailer which I think looks rather nice. This site is turning me into an anorak, I picked it up in yard just so I could take pictures. Bertie was out visiting a friend. I was rather impressed with the fact I managed to do spot on 10 hours driving on Wednesday. From Herne in Germany to the US Airbase at Rammstein to Belgium via Luxembourg for fuel. I'm rather proud of my exceptional planning! Have a great weekend. I will, I'm going to the 6 Music birthday gig tonight, woop woop. #ONWARD>>>

Lukes Top Tips 1

Howdy doodle. So here we have the first episode of the Top Tips thingymedoodle. I don't want anyone to think I'm teaching my granny to suck eggs as these are mainly for new lorry drivers. This first one is showing the procedures for crossing the English Channel on both the ferry and the train. I hope you find it informative and/or entertaining. They are a bit more serious than you may be used to from me. Also to the right >>> is a link to my online store where you can buy stickers/mugs/tshirts and stuff. I make 10% on each sale and the proceeds go to charity. There will be a poll shortly to pick which one. All the products on sale are customizable so you can put your name or whatnot on them. Just click the customize tab under the picture. Plus they are available in different styles and colours. #ONWARD>>>

Link To The Goodies Store

So I've got a little store up and running and here is the link to it* I make 10% on anything sold and will be donating it to charity. I'm also gonna add a few more items over the next few days like t shirts. It's sold nearly £100 worth of goods in less than 24 hours so a big thanks to anyone who's bought something. The charity will be put to a vote, I'd like it to in some way be related to drivers, lorries, and transport. #ONWARD>>>


Hello chaps and lady chaps! I've finally got my act together and sorted stickers out! Thanks to Busby on Trucknet for the idea and a place where i can set up at store so you can buy them directly. BUY YOUR BUMPER STICKERS HERE I'm adding more and more things to my online store there but they will take up to 24 hours to show up. This is one of my favourites though, the travel mug TRAVEL MUG! So! Stickers are here! Also I bought 10 for myself, so the first 5 (I want one for myself and some for family) people to see me on the road will get a free sticker. Also I make 10% on each sticker, this I'm going to donate to charity. I'm going to think of a few charities and put up a poll. I'm nothing if not democratic! #ONWARD

Update & Top Tips Videos

Good morning from me, Bertie, Holly and the good ship Norbay in a misty Liverpool (pictured below). Nice easy day for us today, well not the Norbay, just a spin down to Calais to swap trailers then up to my beloved London for a 24. So to the point. I got a bit of grief on Irish Rigs this week from a chap who basically said my videos don't really show the reality of the job and a young driver starting out would be better off watching the ones he (or his mate) make. This actually bugged me quite a bit as I try to stick as much stuff in then to help young and new drivers as possible. So anyway the upside is while shaking my fist like an angry old man I shouted to myself 'I'LL SHOW HIM, I'LL START THE TOP TIPS VIDEOS'. So that's what I'm doing. The first one I'm doing now is tachos and hours. Sort of real world stuff that it's hard to teach in a class room. Plus each video will have other little bits, like this one has fuelling at a bunker site and buyin