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The inaugral #ONWARD>>> Spotify Playlist

So, hello chums. As promised here we have my first playlist. A selection of fairly new tracks hopefully some that you won't have heard of before. This will become a regular thing, once I have enough new tracks that I love I will make a new album length playlist for you. And thats the key, I need to love them. I won't share any tracks I 'just sort of like'. I'm obsessed with music so there is a lot of stuff I really love, so here goes, #ONWARD>>>

1. We Are Augustines - Book of James
This is a great track, and a great album. A 6 Music favourite.  It's not a new track it came out last year but I thought it a good one to start with as I really love it.

 2. Athletes in Paris - Echoes Louder Than Voices
I heard this track on Saturday night for the first time on Tom Robinsons show on 6. I loved it from the first listen, his really strong Geordie accent really sounds great. It's good to hear people singing with accents!

3. Suzanne & I - Anna Calvi
I saw Anna Calvi a couple of weeks ago at the 6 Music birthday bash. She was amazing, her guitar playing was incredible and her voice was something to behold. Someone that is even better live than recorded this is my favourite track of her's so far, really storming stuff.

4. Another Bed - The Twilight Sad
Not much I can say about this one but wow. They have been around years and this is not a new track but when Andrew Collins played them the other day when he was covering the morning show I instantly thought wow. Then bought the album it's from. Another singer with a very distinct accent in his voice, lovely.

5. Those Dancing Days - Those Dancing Days
I don't know much about these other than they are Norwegian and this track is brilliantly nuts. I heard it on Radcliffe & Maconie. It was a Chain track.

6. See You All - Koudlam
I heard this ages ago on the Marc Riley show and its fantastic. He's French, has a moustache, wears bonkers hats and makes bonkers videos. I don't think much more known of him. Can't wait for a album from him but no sign of it yet. I love a bit of French electro.

7. Default - Django Django
Well, Django Django. An absolutely brilliant band that are on the verge of making it huge. I heard them for the first time on Marc Riley over a year ago and he first had them in session 18 months ago. It's show like his that give these amazing bands a chance to break through. I saw them live in Bristol last month and they were brilliant. Tiny venue and bursting with energy. Certainly one to keep an eye on!

8. Sails - Hooray For Earth
Another 6 Music favourite and one I've mentioned in my videos. Really good album I recommend it.

9. Seven Stars - Air
A band that will be familar to all and more brilliant French electro. This track is beautiful and haunting. The album is a sort of concept album built around a 100 year old silent film. The 15 minute film comes with the album and it is quite remarkable to watch.

10. Brains - Lower Dens
Fantastic track this, first heard on Tom Ravenscrofts show. They are from Baltimore and this is the first single off a yet to be released new album. I love the beat going through it and I love that it builds and builds and never really goes anywhere but still after 5 minutes leaves you wanting more. They are doing a guest mix on Tom Ravenscrofts show, Friday 9pm till Midnight.

11. California - Ema
Another one from Tom Ravenscroft and I know nothing except that this track is aces! And another that builds and builds and builds to......nothing! Brilliant.

12. Through the Night - Ren Harvieu
 Bit of a slow on to end with but a really beautiful one. She has an incredible voice and I first heard her when she came on to the Radcliffe & Maconie show. Shes from Salford I think and comes across as really grounded and quite shy then this amazing voice comes out.

So there you have it. I hope you my my first playlist and feedback would be great, I'd love to know what you think.....


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