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My Shop

Finally up to date with shop orders, thanks for everyone’s patience and custom. Now I’m on 4 on 4 off or 4 on 3 off I’ll be able to get the shop up and running again. Working on some new products. Any suggestions welcome. Have a good evening all and enjoy these pictograms.

Trundling About The Countryside

Hello friends, sorry I’ve been so quiet, work has been manic, but I’ve just started a 4 on 4 off shift pattern which will now give me much more time for the rest of my life. Just a little video with no speaking as strictly I’m not allowed to make video but this is just driving, this is what my day on Corwen looks like. I love it as it’s 80% single track lanes and farm tracks, which most hate but I enjoy. Also I meet so many dogs it’s amazing! It’s really hard work but now I’m 4 on 4 off it’ll be so much easier cope with (5 days one week and 6 the next was killing me!). But hey, it’s all good, waking up in your own bed of a morning means it’s a great day. Have a good week all.