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Barcelona Part 1

A bit of a special anniversary

Hello, how is everyone. Sorry for my slience but my very enjoyable holiday is nearly over. Today at about the time I'm writing this in the early hours of Saturday morning 5 years ago in 2007 I was at Holyhead in my car waiting for a ferry. A ferry to a new job. I left HSF on the Friday evening and drove overnight to Virginia in Ireland to start my new job that I hoped would be good. I never realised at the time the brilliant move I'd made. I'd had lots of jobs up to that point and had been at HSF only a year but it was my longest job. So off I trundle with some trepidation at this new venture, my previous job in Ireland being Nolans. I get there and am introduced to 06CN831 an R500 Topline just over a year old. I was made up at this. And after just a week of UK work I was sent to Portugal, and the rest as they say is history. 5 years is half of my truck driving career. When I started here at 29 it was something like my 19th job! I think that says it all. I'm so lucky

Babs the wedding bus!

How do chaps and chapesses. And little chaplets. As you may know I'm off for a couple of weeks at moment taking a rest, so the blog entries will be a little thin on the ground. But then your used to that aren't you! Anyhow my activities today count since I was driving Babs my bus in a semi professional capacity. We did our first wedding for relatives, well soon to be relatives, probably! I really enjoyed it and Babs was a very popular old lady along with the Beetle that carried the bride. It was a lovely day all in all and I may start hiring out the old girl for weddings. Just have to look into sorting out a website and telling my insurance company. So if your in West Wales and need some slightly different wedding transport, Babs is your lady.  The top hat went down a storm!  The wedding Beetle, from  Babs has a new friend  The groom is a lorry driver! Does this mean I'm the next bride to get married....... ONWARD>>>

Full Of The Pipe Video

The bear in a tupperware box.....

I've been getting grief from Virginias number one driver for not posting this picture of his fathers Mack on my site. It was a fascinating truck and it deservedly won a first place trophy. Here the aforementioned number 1 driver Eddie Dunne is seen sitting in it, leading Colm the chap who drives the silver Virginia Scania to come out with the gem that he looks like a 'bear in a tupperware box' which did make me chuckle somewhat heartily. THERE EDDIE, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW! The lovely totally original Volvo is theirs too. Happy Thursday all and indeed ONWARD

Full of the Pipe pictures

Yo dudes. If you look at the menu bar above you'll see a new page for the show. I've just uploaded something like 120 pictures from the show of people and trucks so I hope you enjoy looking at them and maybe spotting yourself if you came to see Bertie. I took the first few at the show on my phone and lost them so if you have a pic of you or your children that you don't see there and would like me to post them can you email them to and I shall upload them forthwith. Thanking you one and all. I shall hopefully have the video made up for later in the week. Good day to you.

Full of the Pipe Trophy!

Howdy doodle peeps. As many of you will know me Holly and Bertie went to a truckshow in Cavan over the weekend. I was overwhelmed at the amazing amount of people that came to see us so thank you all it was fantastic to see each and every one of you. A brilliant weekend was beautifully topped off with a trophy for third place in the best 2009-2012 tractor unit category. So all in all a fantastic weekend. There will be video and pictures of all the people that visited us during the weekend later in the week. But for now heres a picture of our trophy! I look a bit dazed, this is immediatly after being presented with it and I'm still taking it in. I never expected to win any thing.