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Woooo hoooo

I was just on Radcliffe & Maconie for the chain! And gave the website a mention! HELLO FELLOW 6 MUSIC LISTENERS! Here be a video or two to show the sort of rambling nonsense I do here - Rest here >>>>>

Part 2 of the trundlewagon adventures

Some more old photos

How do peeps. Just a few old photos for you to peruse should you be remotely interested. One of me next to my Moxy Dumper. This was my first ever driving job, on a rubbish tip during my school holidays at the age of 15. Can you imagine that happening now! I loved it and it was great experience. The other two are from my time at a company called The Glider. Basically a full sized coach with only 28 seats and all 5 star hotels. So at the age of 22 I gave up driving a brand new coach in London for The Londoners to head off on my first tour. It was to Norway. I even remember the date we left, 24th May 2000. Amazing job. It only lasted one summer but in that time I managed to stay in some of Europe's best hotels and did tours to Norway, Germany, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and France. Really quite an amazing ride while it lasted and one amazing opportunity for someone that age. ONWARD....

Well me and Holly the Lorry are reunited

Hello chaps and lady chaps. Me and the good lady Holly are now back together again. I didn't realise how much I missed her till I got her back. It's rather nice to be back in my own cosy space. Here she his just now pictured with her good friend Mrs Mini, 8.

Virginia have a Facebook page

Hello people's, on the one hand I've an apology to make. I may not get the next video up this week as its been a chaotic week. If not I promise you'll have two for the end of next week. Secondly as the title may suggest Virginia have their own Facebook page, which to be honest I've only just found out about! So do head over there should you be on the bookface.

Some Old Pictures

I'm just at my parents at the moment and I've discovered a load of old photos which I shall post over the next few weeks. Here's a couple to get started. One of my Dads Leyland DAF 85. He went all over Europe in that old girl, getting strange looks with a Leyland cabbed DAF. The other is Dad again, loading mussels in the west of Ireland.

New Poll

Thanks for the votes people. So it seems I'm certainly not alone with my preference of Stena. I went on the new Stena Line Superfast boats on the new Belfast - Cairnryan service this week and they are superb. The food in the drivers lounge was fantastic. So, a new poll. Are you a driver and if so what type. I've always been interested by the great variety of visitors to my site and watchers of my videos so it'll be good to see who does what. Have a spiffing Wednesday eventide people. Good day to you


Good evening all. I'm sorry for the lack of videos of late. I'm not really doing very interesting work recently, partly to it being a quiet January. Anyhow here is the first of a few 10 minutes videos as i, the bearded twit, trucndles about the place. I hope you enjoy, well at least try to you buggers. WARNING WARNING: CONTAINS A LOT OF MY STUPID FACE, DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU.  

Good Morrow From Guildford

Hello chums are you well. I'm just in Guildford delivering a floor. Was in yard at weekend and 4 more Volvos have arrived. This one has a particularly good numberplate. Also Holly is coming along. New panels fitted and off to be sprayed this week so I hold get her back soon. Have a great week all.

A Poll! Your Favourite Ferry Company.

Hello chums, hope life finds you well and your not to depressed by the thought of January! Anyhow I thought I'd start doing little polls every couple of weeks. I'm interested about your favourite ferry company should you be a regular, or irregular, ferry user. I'm a bit of a ferry nerd myself and I've voted Stena. Some of their boats have their faults, like the food on the Stena Nordica being inedible, but overall I think they are the best. Closely followed by Brittany and Superfast. So please do vote and leave any comments below. Sorry if I've left any out, it was from the top of my head. I can't add any now voting has started. They will be more truck and or driver orientated in future. Toodles