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Hello friends. I've a request today. Does anyone who supplies DCPC training follow me? And if so do you fancy doing a deal?! You supply me with a reduced price (or free  ) DCPC course and I supply you with lots of free advertising. I think that's a fair deal. South Wales or South West would be ideal but will consider anywhere. (What's the betting no one messages!) Luke Vernon


Hello friends. As you may have guessed Virginia have bought a new Renault. I took it for a quick drive, loaded and you know what? I was surprised. Its a lovely drive, very comfortable with a nice solid interior. It was a good comfortable smooth drive. I drove it with a loaded trailer but having been driving a 750 for the past 18 months I can't really judge how well it pulls! It has the odd bad point, the radio and aux socket being up with tacho for one, who on earth put it there!? But in general I can say its a lot closer to a modern Volvo feel wise than it is to previous Renaults. If they are priced competitively I can imagine we will see a lot on the roads. Some video of my drive will be up soon. For now, have some pictures. This trucks appearence has grown on me a lot. Luke Vernon