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Episode 1, yes I'm calling them episodes now, ideas above my station, of a little jaunt to Brittany that me and he cantankerous old Bertie made recently. Food, ferries, snow and trucks, what more could you want. ONWARD Disclaimer- No baguettes were harmed in the making of this episode, or indeed are even in this episode. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT BELOW


In this video I want to start a conversation about bad driving, bad truck driving to be precise. So leave your comments and points of view below. And also I'd like to use this little platform I have to introduce you to some of my favourite recent music and radio shows. Links below. Athletes In Paris new track and video and facebook- Tom Robinsons 6 Music shows and his Fresh on the Net blog- His show last night was great with Patrick Wolf, middle link, well worth a listen again. Hope you all enjoy, see you next week .


Well Iveco have been doing a roadshow recently round the UK to show off their new Hi-Way. So I thought I'd take Bertie for a look, not that he wanted to. He wasn't best pleased at being used as a marketing gimmick, until he negotiated a £3k fee for his services He actually liked the bed so much I had to drag him out of it I've always thought the Iveco was a decent looking truck, let down by its awful build quality. On first impressions and with not much time it does seem much better put together. And the amount of space is incredible. Alas I didn't have time for a test drive. Bertie seemed impressed but I think this may have had something to do with them stuffing his head for of cash*. It's a decent truck, I wouldn't give up my Volvo for one but I'd have it over many others. *For the humourless this was a joke....however we did get a nice goodie bag


How do friends and chums. Second weekly installment here with the talking point at the end. Was chuffed at the reaction last week so please comment and leave your thoughts in the comments again. Oh, and as it says in the video the Union flag is a towel and was not intentionally placed but was in fact a mistake. So I was most certainly not making a statement! Its just a souvenir from the Olympics! ONWARD AND HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!


Hello chums! Time for a competition. Just go and like the Chrome Northwest Facebook page, share the picture of Bertie and come up with a clean Bertieism and you could win the contents of his head. But most definitely not him! ONWARD!!/photo.php?fbid=473078799412296&id=194271073959738&set=a.327094620677382.83093.194271073959738&ref=stream&__user=609109765


Just a quickie. Bertie gets cleaned up, theres news of a competition where you can win some stuffs, and I have a bit of a moan about car drivers at the end.....shock horror! Like this page to be in with a chance of winning the competition- Like my page if you don't already- And finally feel free to let me know your views on my little moan at the end, and like the video if you like it! Don't dislike it, my ego is fragile enough as it is. ;-) ONWARD Finally sorry about the quality, been manically busy so was made in a bit of a rush.