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Good day to you. If you are part of my Facebook or Twitter accounts you may know what I'm about to say, if not here goes. Yesterday I saw a little boy with his Dad in his truck. It made me smile as it always does because some of my best childhood memories are form my times trundling round with my Dad in the lorry. I tweeted about it and pointed out it's sad that it doesn't happen so much anymore. I then got quite a few pictures of drivers kids and their lorries which cheered me up no end. It's good to see that some companies still let kids get involved. So anyhow, it gave me an idea. Which I'm gonna call Sir Bertie's Kids Corner! The idea is a page here on my website for kids. So what I'd like you to do is send pictures of your children when they've been for a spin in the lorry. Aware that not all kids are allowed I'd like pictures they've drawn of lorries too, either a pic of the drawing or you could take a picture of your child holding the pict


Hello peeps. Sorry for the delay. I needed a break, as as you saw other things got to me and so on. Another part of the reason is a missing memory card hence a bit of a jump in the middle of this video. So many apologies for that but I couldn't keep you waiting much longer in the vain hope the card would turn up. My lorry has some sort of magical power that makes thing disappear. I can normally be heard screaming 'but I'm in a f**king lorry, how can I lose it' when I've lost something in here. Anyhow ONWARD with the video and you'll be glad to hear normal service is resumed.


Hello chums, while your waiting for the next video I thought I'd repost a diary I posted on Trucknet in 2009 of a trip to Crete. Many of you may never have seen it so I hope you enjoy. This was pre videos, Bertie, or even ONWARD! Hope you enjoy. Well here is my first diary. I have always wanted to do one but have been waiting for the combination a an intresting run with the time to take pictures as I'm normally rushing around. I started in Manchester on Monday afternoon with 11 pallets of frozen kosher food to pick up. Was too late for London so loaded at this place on Tuesday morning, one of those dodgy Industrial estates in North London. Had to reverse about 300 meters down this ally to load, glad I walked down there first and did not just drive in. Then onto Paris for the last collection on Wednesday morning. I'm not used to such an easy life! I actually woke up 3 hours late, but hey ho, nobody said anything. A quick stop in Macon Truckstop was in order


Howdy doodle chaps and chapesses. As some of you have noticed I have been very quiet of late and still have outstanding videos. The truth of the matter is I needed a break from things, and it was nearly a permenant one! I was burning myself out and then some angry comments from people on various sites got to me a bit and I seriously considered giving it all up. I know I get and am grateful for the loads of brilliant positive messages, but sometimes a handful of bad ones from people that seemingly hate me outweigh no end of positive ones. It's hard to explain. Anyhow, a friend came up with the idea of having a page on my site for the horrible comments! Instead of interacting with these hateful loons just show them that they won't win.  So I may do that. So I did reach a decision. I do love my website and doing this so I shall continue, and try to ignore the hateful comments. I'm just me doing a job and sharing it with you. I don't profess to be great, or tell you you sho


This is a bit of an easy one with the stadium in the background. So, Where am I?


Sorry for lack of videos lately I have been very busy. Soon I promise. Anyhow I lost a load of pictures a few years ago when my laptop was stolen, including all pictures of my first lorry. So I was over the moon today when sorting stuff out to find this Polaroid. The only picture of my very first lorry, where it all began. Notice the shiny tanks! Hope your all having a good weekend and enjoying the Olympics, I certainly am. ONWARD. Thanking you Luke Vernon


I love these high street handball loads, I really do. Much more fun than bloody RDCs. So where be I this time? Thanking you