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Welcome New Drivers

In what surprise non drivers becoming a lorry driver has always been notoriously hard to get into. I myself was driving busses and coaches all over Europe and still struggling to get a job driving a truck. Took me 3 years. Thankfully this does seem to be improving. If you’ve followed me any length of time you’ll know that I’m a big supporter of new drivers, which can be funny when I put the point of view of the young driver on bitchy Facebook posts and I get mistaken for a young driver, I’m clearly a very youthful looking man. The attitude of the rest of the industry can be very negative, people seemingly don’t consider  how their words might affect people. We were all new once. Instead of moaning and bitching about young drivers making mistakes and not knowing things be a grown up and share some of your knowledge, simple. Basically don’t be a twat. Driving a Twin Splitter once decades ago doesn’t make you better than others who’ve always used automatics. Being able to throw a sheet ov

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